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"Peace Island Conference" & Minnesota Peace Team presence during RNC Convention
When the Republican National Convention descends on St. Paul during the first weekend of September, it will be accompanied by hordes of demonstrators protesting the Iraq War and other perceived injustices of the Bush administration. With the focus on opposition to the war and the possibility of police-demonstrator conflicts, two projects will be emphasizing a positive message of peace.

Peace Island, a solution-driven conference to promote and celebrate peace, justice, harmony and care of the earth will take place September 2-3 at Concordia University in St. Paul, during the first two days of the Republican National Convention taking place at Xcel Energy Center in the capitol city.

The conference will feature many nationally known speakers in the fields of peace, justice, human rights and the environment, including a presentation on Earth-based spirituality by eco-activist and author Starhawk. Seating is limited and going fast!

Another peace-oriented effort is currently underway designed to minimize violence on the streets outside the Xcel Energy Center. Several Twin Cities peace and justice organizations have formed the Minnesota Peace Team (MPT), an ad hoc group that will intervene in potentially dangerous conflicts during the September 2 anti-war march – an event expected to draw at least 50,000 people from across the nation – and will be present if needed for the rest of the convention and other subsequent events. MPT will offer training for anyone who wants to be a part of the peace team on August 9-10 in Minneapolis.

For further information on Peace Island and the Peace Team, contact Ann Lewis at [email protected] or 952.944.9604 or 952.484.7004. Another Peace Team contact is Katherine Wojton at [email protected] or 612.483.6041.


"Matrix Energetics" with Dr. Richard Bartlett

Richard Bartlett, DC, ND, founder of Matrix Energetics and author of the book of the same name, will bring his groundbreaking techniques to Minneapolis for the first time September 12-15 at the Minneapolis Airport Marriott.

Matrix Energetics is a complete system of healing and transformation based on the laws of quantum physics, consciousness, and focused intent. Developed by Dr. Bartlett after many years of searching for healing for his son’s chronic health challenges, it produces physically verifiable results that often defy rational explanation.

As participants learn the principles of Matrix Energetics, they will shed preconceptions about healing and learn a new way of looking at things – where they not only think outside of the box, but begin to suspect that the box doesn’t really even exist! This work is accessible to anyone and can enhance the practice of health-care professionals and bodyworkers.

Dr. Norman Shealy calls the matrix energetics system of hands-on healing "the essence of energy medicine." For more information, or to register, visit Read the two-part interview with Dr. Bartlett in this edition of Edge Life magazine.

"Egyptian Healing Rods Practitioner Workshop" with Sally Trautner

Roberta Finch of Transitional Healing presents the Egyptian Healing Rods Practitioner Workshop from 1-5 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 10, at the Ramada Mall of America, Suite 215. Sally Trautner, an energy healer and international director of Egyptian Healing Rods, Ltd. will facilitate this workshop and introduce the Egyptian Healing Rods, the quantum tool for the New Era.

This workshop presents the history of these energy tools, the scientific research behind them, how to select the correct strength Egyptian Healing Rod for correct usage, how to use the Egyptian Healing Rods for the maximum effectiveness and results, and more. Each participant will receive a 48-page Egyptian Healing Rods manual, handouts and scientific research information. Participants will also experience hand-on training in the proper usage of the Egyptian Healing Rods in their practice and for their own personal benefit.

Cost is $50 in advance, $55 at the door. For more information, contact Roberta Finch at 651.357.3337 or visit

"Gaia, Plant Intelligence and the Ecstatic Path" with Stephen Harrod Buhner

Stephen Harrod Buhner, author of 12 books, including the award-winning Sacred Plant Medicine: Lost Language of Plants and Secret Teachings of Plants, will teach a three-day workshop at Camp St. Croix near Hudson, Wisc. The workshop begins at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 30, and will end at 4 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 1. "Gaia, Plant Intelligence and the Ecstatic Path" is a journey into depth of meaning, into the states of mind, being and communicatory relationships necessary to work with the plants and the living wildness of the world as ancient and indigenous humans have always done. Cost for the weekend is $450 and includes lodging and meals. To register, call Julie McIntyre at 575.538.5498 and for more information or to register on line go to


Magers & Quinn Booksellers, 3038 Hennepin Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.822.4611

Tuesday, Aug. 5 – Warren Woessner reads from his new poetry collection, Clear All the Rest of the Way, at 7:30 p.m. Warren Woessner is a poet, an attorney and a chemist. He did his undergraduate work in chemistry at Cornell University, where he also studied creative writing with A. R. Ammons and James McConkey. He received a Ph.D. in organic chemistry and a law degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison., where he co-founded Abraxas magazine and WORT-FM. His poetry has appeared in many literary reviews, environmental journals and anthologies, including Poetry, Poetry Northwest, The Nation and Appalachia. Warren works as a biotechnology patent attorney in Minneapolis. "Woessner speaks with the authority of one who has spent his life in the world – rendering its simple, sometimes terrifying and complicated beauty by knowing the motions, gestures, and small signals only the best poets observe and give back to us." – Jonis Agee, author of The River Wife

Sunday, Aug. 10 – Greg Watson reads from his new poetry collection The Distance Between Two Hands at 5 p.m. Greg Watson’s work has appeared in numerous literary publications, including The Seattle Review, Sulphur River Literary Review and Poetry East, as well as the 2008 Saint Paul Almanac. He is the author of six collections of poetry, most recently Pale Light from a Distant Room, Things You Will Never See Again, and The Distance Between Two Hands, all published by March Street Press. He has also been a frequent winner of the contest, What Light: This Week’s Poem. "There is a rich, generous spirit behind every one of the poems of Greg Watson’s. Grounded firmly in the physical world, these short, indelible lyrics – so compelling, so sharply etched in precise, evocative images do what we ask of all good poetry. They make art of our common lives. The result is an engaging and thoroughly enjoyable volume, one that speaks with great clarity and a wisdom born out of everyday living. These are poems you will want to share, read a loud, and re-read." – Robert Hedin, author, translator and founding director of the Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Red Wing, Minn.

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