The Gems Within the Third and Fourth Dimensions


Many of us know or intuitively feel that we are transitioning from the third dimensional reality, passing through the fourth and on our way to the fifth dimension. Dimensions are not places, but levels of consciousness, each with its own unique ways of thinking and feeling.

The third dimension operates within a specific set of rules and structures that hold many vibrations of thought and emotion. One of those vibrations is known as "fear." On our spiritual journey to fully experience All-That-Is, we went deeper and deeper into density and chose many lives on Earth. To experience ourselves in the third dimension, we purposely left behind aspects of ourselves and forgot our connection to the Creator. In this perceived sense of separation, we began to experience the energy called fear. This fear created rigidity, making it very difficult for us to move freely. As we continued to passionately play in this rigid third dimension, we began to take on many uncomfortable attributes such as dis-ease, victimhood and resistance. We deliberately chose to do this in order to know ourselves better. In spite of what we think, we have been very successful in this third dimensional game.

Many who are in fear have created a default system that takes them back to a feeling of safety: "If I hide in my house and close the doors, I’ll be fine." This reaction has closed down our ability to expand, grow, merge with the Soul and remember our higher selves. We then stop living our passion and create a web of fear.

If we look carefully, we can see three structures of the 3D game we are playing in that are really worth paying attention to in order to make our transition through this grand Shift of Consciousness more comfortable.

Duality – The purpose of duality has been to learn how to walk in balance while experiencing contrast. We wanted to have experiences, but not become affected by the experiences. The purpose was to provide us with a broad array of choices.

A great gift was also provided that allows us to know where we are and what we are experiencing at all times. The Law of Attraction simply says, "What you put your attention on is what you draw to you." As we resisted our fears, a greater range of duality came about: good/bad, right/wrong, should/shouldn’t. Our attention on the uncomfortable experiences and fears expanded. We resisted this discomfort and placed them into our unconscious mind to (hopefully) not experience them again. However, the Law of Attraction doesn’t just give us the good stuff, it gives us what we hold our attention on, whether conscious or unconscious, comfortable or uncomfortable, what we resist or what we love.

Linear Time – 3D time was not created as a straight line, but a loop, consisting of the past and future with a single present-time point where we make choices based on past experiences and future desires. However, with our attention on fear, we began to look at our past as emotional, painful experiences that we wished to avoid. 3D life became a game of resisting or believing the past and expecting or avoiding the future. Most of us spend a great deal of time looking at past experiences we didn’t enjoy, and looking into the future hoping it doesn’t jump up and hurt us again. So the past creates the future while the future experiences the past.

Time was also created as a buffer so we could create, but still have a little room to reconsider our reactions, thoughts and emotions before we create something that we then must clean up or apologize for afterwards.

The Rational Mind – Our analytical, reasoning thought process. When we came to play in this game we disconnected 90 percent of our available awareness to have this experience. The 3D rational mind’s purpose has evolved to keep us safe and allow us to fit in. Due to fear and misuse, the rational mind operates in limitation rather than possibilities. Because we have given assignments to the mind that it is not designed for, our awareness and spiritual range of choice have lessened. The rational mind only knows what it knows and argues for that limitation. This is now changing.

These three structures all work together and are interwoven to make up the fabric of the 3D game. If you focus on only one, the other two become amplified, creating more distraction, creating more pressure until you back off to where the three structures return to balance. By becoming aware of how each of these aspects weave together, we can begin to remember and restructure a significant part of ourselves, thus allowing us to step out of the third dimension and experience the possibilities of the fourth.

Fourth Dimensional structures

Now let’s explore the structures within the fourth dimension:

Most importantly, Time is key. Time in 4D is Now. Present-Time. There is no past, no future. We can plan for a future event using information gathered in the past, but decisions are conscious and in the present moment. What we think, we will experience in the moment. There is no lag time. What you think happens! Be careful what you think, it will occur.

Choices. 4D choice is different than 3D reaction. Choice provides flexibility, creating expanded opportunity and greater ability to combine possibilities to produce different outcomes.

Paradox. In 4D, the past and future become points of reference without emotional attachment. What was true a moment ago is not necessarily true in this Now moment. And what was false may not necessarily be false any longer. This opens up more possibilities to experience, releases judgments and increases allowing.

Alignment/Balance. In 4D we are constantly moving toward balance. This structure is very open, entertaining and allowing of all possibilities. Choices that support well-being and Love are the only option. "How is it possible?" is often asked. Compare this to 3D, where as change occurs, we focus on the thought or fear of "What could go wrong?"

Abundance. The fourth dimension also allows us to experience abundance versus scarcity and to consider "we" as a concept of cooperation versus "Me, me, me. What about me?" 4D consciousness allows us to expand outward and experience the "We-us" of cooperation.

Re-learning how to live in the possibilities and community of the fourth dimension while we walk through the density of the third is part of our task – our quest on Earth as we become who we came here to be.

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Jim Self
Jim Self is an international teacher, speaker and author. He has been a leader in the field of spiritual development for more than 27 years. He offers us the tools of Mastering Alchemy as a way of life. This work is co-created with the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Teachers of Light. Free DVD and Free webinars are available. Visit


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