Embracing Life & Death


A wise person said that the world is separated into two camps: Those who think about death and those who never do. I’m definitely in the first camp. I’ve always thought about death. Not suicide. Death. In fact, I knew I cared about someone if I thought about their death. Almost as if I were preparing for the emotion of it.

As morbid as it might seem, my thoughts of death taught me to appreciate life. I kiss my mom and dad. I tell them I love them. I will not wait until their death to share this.

The truth is, death is easy. Living life requires so much more skill and ingenuity. We start out fearing death, but over time we create this twisted waltz of fearing death then fearing life as well.

What is death? For most, it’s over pretty quickly and you may never experience physical pain. Often, the soul will exit just prior to the sensation (unless there is emotional information necessary for evolution or the soul is young.) In fact, quite a few souls don’t even participate in the gestation portion of the life, choosing to come in and out when it’s interesting or there is some valuable lesson.

What is life? For some it’s happiness interrupted by fear "What if I don’t get this job, or I’m not good enough." These are the endless worries that keep us up at night. But, it gets worse. So frequently people become immobilized by their fears that the art of living life becomes mute. In many situations, we start fearing fear itself!

Often we try to project a confident exterior, or we’re taught to ignore our emotions. We often don’t know what we think or feel and then we’re robbed of the opportunity to do something about it!

The quick solution? Simplify our emotions. We have all these different words for our emotions. It can get very confusing. Simply, the root of all emotions is fear. Anxiety is fear. Worry is fear. Stress is fear. Even more specific emotions such as sadness is fear ("I’ve lost something and I’m afraid I’ll never have it again").

Fear is even the root of anger. As I’ve been taught, anger is the energy we need to make fair what’s not fair. But, even before that, we’re usually afraid that we’re going to lose something or become diminished. A part of us or some aspect of us may die.

By acknowledging or embracing our fears, we can actually make death our friend. We can also make life our friend.

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