Into a Time of Right Human Relations


We come now to the major turning point in human affairs. We come now to the point
of decision, of crisis, and of resolution of all that remains unsolved in the
human experience. We come now to the point of having to decide what kind of world
we want and what kind of beings we really are. All this will be determined in
the coming time. All this will be brought into the light of open discussion.
And all this will lead us forward inevitably into our spiritual heritage.

We are beings of incredible love, incredible capacity for good will and incredible ability to produce great changes in our world. Yet, we linger on the outskirts of our capacities. We barely touch the hem of the garment which is ours to wear. We allow ourselves to settle for quiet lives of constant struggle when we could be enjoying a celebration of all that Life is. This is the fate of humanity to date: to live as a mere reflection of our true nature when that nature lives silently within us always.

In the coming time we will see before us those members of the human family who have gone forward into the full realization of the potential that lives in us all. This group, collectively known as the spiritual hierarchy or the masters of wisdom, comprises the flowering of the human potential. They will demonstrate to us all that we can be. They will also call to us to decide what kind of future we choose: one of sharing, justice and brotherhood or one of renewed competition, greed and warfare. This is the choice before us today, and the masters will make that choice perfectly clear to all people. What will we choose?

We are told "the end is known from the beginning," and God’s love will triumph on our planet. Yet that victory is only won through the choices and actions of human beings. There is no savior who will solve all our problems, and there is no magic through which we will instantly become soul-infused, loving beings. Every step in consciousness has to be made by individuals freely choosing to change, freely making the effort to withdraw energy from old, outworn habits of mind and emotion and freely choosing to practice those techniques that will instill new patterns of experience and action.

We are alive to know God and serve one another. We are alive to learn to love. We can do these things today, and in the coming months and years we will have a chance unlike any other in human history to do what we are here to do.

"THE RETURN OF THE TEACHERS" with DR. GEORGE CATLIN – 11:00 a.m.-12:50 p.m. and 3:00-3:50 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 8, free events – Dr. George Catlin has lectured throughout North America for the past five years on the approach of the Teachers and the path before all who seek to remember their true purpose, life’s true purpose. He presents the current information about the inner and outer events in the world with candor and some humor – hoping only to encourage his audiences to consider the incredible opportunity that is before us all. Dr. Catlin’s past includes four years at the Findhorn Community in Scotland and 12 years of teaching psychology. He is the author of two books on the path (The Way to Happiness and The Long Journey Home), and has given over 300 highly regarded talks, workshops and interviews. Visit

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