Psychic Development of Teens


Those of us who came into this world to use our psychic gifts have them from the day we are born. We are so connected to these gifts, we experience them just naturally as we experience our taste, smell, touch, feel or see. For many of us we don’t even realize we are psychic until someone tells us that we have psychic gifts or we begin to have experiences beyond what is natural for us.

When we are young, we seem to have a grasp on reality in such a pure and true way. It is like we know beyond what we have been taught. As we grow up we seem to digress and create barriers that limit us from the once known truth and understanding that goes beyond the physical mind. If we learn about and begin to understand this process as a teen we will have an easier time remaining open to that universal knowledge and continue to expand toward our true potential.

As we continue to grow and learn about our innate potential we will learn to discuss what is appropriate and what is not. It will help us to define who and what we are, and it will help us to be open to the truth and to see beyond the illusions of the physical mind. As a teen, it is important to understand the intellect or ego. It is important for teens to learn that it is a tool, not their identity. I’ve seen many teens struggle with the development of this part of their brain. It is said that the teenage mind is not fully developed and that it is developing into the adult cerebral state.

Teens can learn to work with their intellect. The intellect is a vital and important part of the brain, but over time it has become uncensored and untrained. Teens have not completely honed their psychic gifts, which makes it is a great time to begin development of both the mind and psychic abilities. Teens have an advantage over adults, much of an adult’s psychic development is spent learning how to get the intellect out of the way to receive clear psychic information, by beginning psychic development classes as a teen that step can be cut out and the teen can begin to learn and develop skills very quickly that can take adults many years to acquire.

Psychic Development Class for Teens – Beginning Saturday September 20 – Class will meet weekly for 15 weeks on Saturdays from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The class will focus on learning about and working with your psychic gifts. Other topics include: Past Life/Past Life Regression, Ghosts and Ghost busting, Angels, Spirit Guides, Fairies, Shamanic Journey, Tarot, Pendulums, Channeling, Dreams, Astral Projection/Soul Travel, Auras. To attend the class you must be ages 13-18 and have a strong desire to learn about what you are truly capable of. $25/week. The Center, 323 W. 48th St., Minneapolis, MN 55419. To register for this class, e-mail Emily Dahlberg at [email protected] or call 612.703.6369.

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Emily Dahlberg
Emily Dahlberg, a student of Echo Bodine's, has been working with her psychic gifts since she was a young child. Over the years Emily has developed her psychic and spiritual gifts, and she has learned to use her gifts to help others through psychic readings and consultation. Copyright © 2008 Emily Dahlberg. All Rights Reserved.


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