The Quest For Peace

The Isha System is designed to help us find unconditional love of self. Over
the last 10 years, I have dedicated my life to sharing this extraordinary system
with humanity.

In this world of duality, we all feel different from one another. We meet thousands of people, from many races, with varying physical conditions, of different ages, contrasting religions, and opposing political beliefs, philosophies, convictions and ideals. We perceive separation and injustice everywhere, in a world of extreme contrast and variance, a world of untold possibilities.

Within this experience of separation, we search endlessly for union. We strive to heal the planet, we create programs for conflict resolution, we march for peace, trying desperately to get humanity to see beyond its differences and live in harmony.

We do this in our personal lives too, putting all our energy into trying to create balance in our surroundings. We search for the perfect partner, but when we think we have finally found our soul mate, we try to change and control them so they will fit into our ideal. We search for groups of people who will make us feel accepted by supporting us in our convictions, our opinions, our beliefs. We join churches, political parties, self-help groups and corporations in our search to heal the separation in our surroundings, to find the place where we belong.

But in this search, we are vainly trying to accommodate the beliefs and opinions of the intellect. When someone disagrees with how we perceive the world, we avoid him or her. Like butterflies, we flit from one experience to another, our minds never fully satisfied, on an endless quest to find what feels like home.

The mind will never feel satisfied. Wherever it goes, it will find disagreement. Even within groups that appear to be united, there is separation – religions branch off into countless factions; political parties disagree among themselves; football teams argue about tactics; even the Beatles split up. Everywhere we look, there is separation, divergence, duality.

The only way to experience world peace is to elevate Love-Consciousness – the underlying union that’s sustains everything. Until we realize that we are all one, we will continue to witness destruction and conflict, in a society based in fear.

When I embrace every aspect of myself, the judgments I have made about myself dissolve. My external world becomes a reflection of how I perceive myself. I stop noticing all of its divisions, separations, inadequacies. Instead, I see its glory.

We are what we choose. Choose for the love.

“WHY WALK WHEN YOU CAN FLY?” with ISHA – 1:00-3:00 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 9, tickets $15 now, $17 at door – Isha is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher and the creator of the Isha System, explained in its entirety in her new book, "Why Walk When You Can Fly," to be released in November with New World Library. Its simple tools dramatically alter our perception, eliminating fear-based patterns and grounding our awareness in the experience of unconditional love. Originally from Australia, Isha inspires people from all walks of life, speaking in international forums, high security prisons, with senators, ex-guerrilla soldiers, bishops and actors. Visit



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