An Interview with Deborah Lynn11


What was the most sacred moment you have had in your life?
Deborah Lynn 11:
Up to the time when I first moved to Minnesota in September 2000 from Southern California, I had experienced deja vu only once in my entire life, back in 1997. I don’t say that anymore. I had always longed to visit the St. Croix Islands, as it was something I felt really strong about, deep inside my soul. Much to my surprise, I was really beside myself when I discovered there was a St. Croix River right here in Stillwater, Minn. I was even more amazed when, for the first time, I drove over the St Croix River from Hudson, Wisc., and I heard a very loud and clear psychic message, “Welcome Home!” Since then, every time I drive by the St. Croix River, I have a major deja vu. I see myself as a young native American Indian, standing up in a canoe, with a spear in my hands, wearing only a loin cloth, fishing in the St. Croix River. I knew I was finally at home where I belonged. I bought my very first home here in Stillwater on my 51st birthday.

Why are you optimistic about the future of humanity in this time of uncertainty and fear?
I have had such an incredibly challenging life, which you will come to understand when you read my upcoming book, “Murphy’s Law No More.” Please don’t think for a second that I am pitying myself, as I know we are only given what we can handle. I used to live in fear. I had no idea that there were choices for people. I have since redefined the meaning of Heaven on Earth. I now see my life on earth as it is in my heaven. I only see Love, passion, empathy and devotion as the key principles in my heaven on earth. I refuse to live in a world of Fear. I have learned through many obstacles that when there is a will, there is a way. I know now that I am truly receiving what I give to the world and others. I can honestly say, I rest in the knowledge that all of our needs are taken care of and that there is an abundance for each and every one of us. I am in the world, not of it and have raised my level of consciousness.

What holistic practice is a part of your life to help you maintain health and wellness and to connect with your spiritual Self?
I’ve been working diligently at balancing my spirit with my physical body through daily, consistent exercise.

What single message do you want to share with us from your heart?
Give no power to fear, as fear is simply False Evidence Appearing Real. By conquering your fears one by one, you build character and self-esteem. You will be contributing to the world. Your one light will be so much brighter and will serve as an example to others. When things get tough, pick yourself up and know that even if it appears no one is around to help you, just ask and you will receive the help and assistance you need — even if it appears no one is around to help you. You will come to understand that miracles happen all the time. I see them on a regular basis, as I am living life in the spiritual realm instead of the earthly realm.

Deborah Lynn 11 presents “YOUR NAME SAYS IT ALL” at 11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 9, tickets $10 now, $15 at door — As a respected Psychic Medium and Numerologist, Deborah Lynn11, is known for her ability to make accurate predictions regarding your love life and financial health, as well as your career. She enjoys giving live radio readings, for audiences, as well as one-on-one with clients. Extending a loving and warm heart, she is always willing to help others through the natural gifts she continues to develop. She is also now working on her first book, Murphy’s Law No More, an insight into the challenges and blessings of her childhood life and the resulting adult she has become. Visit

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