An Interview with John Laughlin, DDS

What was the most sacred moment you have had in your life?
Dr. John Laughlin:
A very sacred moment in my life was being present at the birth of our children, and being able to support my wife Judy during and after the birth process. Also, the first time I clearly felt the movement of the cranial sacral mechanism was a very powerful moment for me. The word sacrum is derived from the word sacred. I feel a very direct connection to the person when I am in tune with the cranial system. That connection goes beyond the inaccuracies of verbal communication.

Why are you optimistic about the future of humanity in this time of uncertainty and fear?
I experience periods of pessimism and optimism at this time. I believe we all need to set our egos aside and do our best to think, feel, and act from a position of love and care for each other on a local and global level.

What holistic practice is a part of your life to help you maintain health and wellness and to connect with your spiritual Self?
The simple act of being centered in my breath helps me to handle the stresses of life. When I am not at ease, I notice a lack of balance to my breath. This imbalance leads to a disconnect to health and spirit for me.

What single message do you want to share with us from your heart?
Love yourself and love your neighbor as yourself. This is very important, because I believe a good portion of the human population does indeed love their neighbor as they love themselves, but unfortunately…they hate themselves. We need to find unconditional love for ourselves and share that with those around us.

Dr. John Laughlin will present "HOLISTIC DENTISTRY: IS THE KEY TO OPTIMAL HEALTH HIDDEN IN YOUR MOUTH?"at 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 8, tickets $10 now, $15 at door – Dr. John Laughlin’s practice in Pierce County, Wisc., gradually evolved from traditional dentistry into a more holistic philosophy. During his first five years of private practice in Ellsworth, Wisc., Dr. Laughlin came to believe that there was more to dentistry than what he had been taught. He took advanced training in TMJ therapy, orthopedic orthodontics, cranial sacral therapy, bodywork / massage, nutrition, pain management, safe amalgam removal and biological / environmental dentistry. He continues to learn, spending 200-300 hours in class every year. He has published original articles and textbooks, as well as education materials for doctors and patients. Visit



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