Our Evolving Self: Transforming in this very Instant


For the longest time, the tagline of this publication was, "Exploring the Evolution of Consciousness." It was perfect. That’s exactly what our readers were seeking and what our contributors were pondering. Our content explored the nature of soul and yielded a full range of speculation about how we were growing and advancing as spiritual beings.

And then The EDGE became Edge Life and the focus was consciously changed away from channelings and extraterrestrials toward a more grounded approach of how to integrate spirituality into our daily life. Economics demanded that we try to attract more readers, and that meant moving toward more mainstream topics.

But what we may have not fully realized was that as we moved more toward the mainstream, the mainstream was moving toward us – quickly. While it once seemed like there was an incredible chasm between those in the metaphysical world and others who seemingly knew nothing about it and didn’t care, I am convinced that it no longer exists. What is becoming all too clear is that there is no separation between any of us, despite outward appearances.

We, the transformers

Metaphysical World, like all niches of society, is undergoing a transformation. It may still look the same – with its tarot readers and aura readers and psychic readers and its crystals and angels and such – but it is not. It cannot, because as a species our innate connection with ourselves is deepening and becoming more conscious.We are transforming, imperceptibly. With each passing day, we are recreating ourselves. My hunch is that the human race is experiencing a quickening, an exponential growth beyond all expectation, beyond all experience. With each now moment, we breathe as one. We experience as one.

Yes, in the outer world we seem to be as different as different can be – and random violence seems to be trumping random acts of kindness. But I sense that a new energy is passing through us, flowing among us, and that the common soul connection we share is strengthening beyond all imagination.

In the now moment

As an individual, I know that I am reacting differently to stress now. I see the old, familiar patterns move into my life, but they no longer are able to wrap their slimy tentacles into the core of my emotions.

My wife’s ongoing search for full-time employment, once a panic button, now is met with encouragement and support – with an emphasis on not panicking. Noting the power of intention, she has changed her task from "finding a job" to "job acquisition." Our effort to sell our home and downsize, an incredibly risky maneuver in this economic climate, has been a maze of dead ends and U-turns – and yet, in light of not knowing whether we will stay in our house or rent or consider some other option as more information filters to the surface, I am filled with the utmost of confidence that everything will work out for all involved.

What I now know is that, as a human race, we are inching ever closer to being able to stay permanently in the Now moment. More of us are talking about the importance of staying present. More of us are able to stay present, in the Now. That trend, I believe, will continue to the point where we no longer even need to mention the Now, or staying present, because it will be the way we all are.

We, the soul beings

My intention, as editor of this publication, is to begin in January to revisit the evolution of our consciousness, because beings among us are poised to guide us through these uncharted waters of human transformation.

You may not believe everything that is written, and I don’t expect you to. All I ask is that you open to possibility and dare to dream. As always, I welcome your letters. Send me your thoughts on this column at [email protected]. Peace.

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Tim Miejan
Tim Miejan is a writer who served as former editor and publisher of The Edge for twenty-five years. Contact him at [email protected].


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