Passion Fuels Holistic Weight-loss Approach


"The joy, satisfaction and peace we experience when we live a life that is not defined by our weight is a miracle!" The Journey to Weight Loss Freedom Workshop was created out of a deep desire to teach other people that we have the natural power and the wisdom within us to create weight-loss miracles in our lives. I am now a 75-pound weight-loss winner living the life I have always dreamed about and I am no longer defined by my weight.

It’s a universal truth that when we follow a nutritious, healthy diet, with almost 100 percent certainty, this will lead to a healthy body and lifestyle. We all know what the basic food groups are and that too much of anything will have adverse affects. Knowing this, why is it that this country is faced with an epidemic weight crisis with nearly 120 million American adults considered overweight or obese?

We lose weight, and after a period of time the weight creeps back. We quit trying in the middle of a weight-loss program because a crisis comes up, or we become ill, or we change jobs, or we suffer a loss…. Life happens, and for many reasons the diet no longer works for us. Have they ever? Each time we try to lose weight and fail we become more discouraged. We tend to look for the magic in a new diet and when that doesn’t work we begin to feel hopeless and say, "What’s the use to even try again?"

The solution lies in the truth that "It’s not about finding the right diet."

I believe this weight crisis exists because the thoughts and beliefs and feelings we hold about ourselves and the limitations we have placed on ourselves throughout our lives have created our circumstances. Until we examine the limiting thoughts and emotions we hold about ourselves, we will continue to receive the same results. How many times have you decided to "muster up the determination and will power" to get started again, only to find yourself right back in the situation you were in before?

The Journey Workshop is a holistic path on which to examine your thoughts, feelings, loving and accepting yourself, and discovering the inner certainty, peace and freedom that has always been within us. In the workshop, you will choose a holistic food plan based on nutritional values that will serve you for life. You will learn the skills to call forth your ability to lose weight.

I am a passionately obsessed seeker who spent a lifetime seeking the right "diet," the one that would perform magic and miracles. Today I know that the magic to perform miracles is within me and that weight loss success happens from the inside out.

My greatest passion is to help others re-discover the amazing human qualities within each of us and to share with others how we can achieve our dreams and desires and live fully by allowing life to be just the way it is. My desire to find a different, more simplified way to live combined with my personal experiences moved me to create the Journey Workshop as an experience that embraces our entire human cosmos coming from a place of knowing that we are already whole and complete beings. It is my sincere desire to share this experience with all who want to experience weight-loss freedom.

I spent a lifetime seeking the right "diet," the one that would perform magic and miracles. The magic to perform miracles is within each of us and weight-loss success happens from the inside out.

Join Paula Caldwell for a full day’s workshop on October 11 or November 8 and begin a new journey to places you never dreamed were possible. For details go to

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Paula Caldwell
Paula Caldwell's education is in chemical dependency counseling and training. Various modalities of coaching and counseling have served to enhance and reinvorce her desire to create a weight-loss program that works. Contact Paula at 763.551.5532 or e-mail [email protected]. For workshop information, visit [email protected]. Please visit Copyright © 2008 Paula Caldwell. All Rights Reserved.


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