Patty Nolt joins Edge Life Sales Staff


Patty Nolt is the newest member of the Edge Life Group. She was hired to the
staff recently to assist with the continued success of Events & Expos. She will join Sales & Marketing Manager Cathy Jacobsen in selling booth space for all of our shows: Minneapolis in November, Iowa in March and Fargo in April.

Also, effective immediately, Patty will replace Kathy Dannel Vitcak as coordinator of this magazine’s listings – happenings events, source networking, classified ads and sacred services.

Patty’s extensive background in marketing businesses is her passion. She wants to see you succeed and she is here to assist you in any way she can. With more than 20 years of trade show experience, she brings to the Edge her passion, creativity, knowledge and customer skills. Give her a call to say "hello" or to reserve a booth space. Either way, she would love to chat with you. Contact her at 952.406.8216, toll-free 1.866.390.3343 or e-mail [email protected] or [email protected].

The following is a personal message from Patty, to you:

"As I look out the window, my dog Jack is lying next to my desk. Leaves on the trees are turning to their fabulous reds, yellows and oranges. It’s official: fall is certainly in the air. As we begin this transition into winter, I can’t help but notice how we all begin to feel. Our nesting instincts take over by creating cozy, colorful places in our homes, baking more and settling in to read and reflect more. We hope The Edge is part of your spiritual journey.

"I am excited about November’s Edge Life Expo. I recently joined the Edge Life family to help fulfill their mission: To continue bringing you interesting articles, guest speakers and events to educate and guide you.

"Most of you are aware of the upcoming Expo at the Minneapolis Convention Center. We are in the final preparation and know our line-up of speakers is the best we have seen. And, as for the exhibitors? They, too, are anxious to return and showcase their newest products and services. We look forward to sharing many new exhibitors with you, as well. There is so much to explore from more than 125 exhibiting companies!

"We welcome you to join us! Stop by the Edge Life booth to introduce yourselves and share your interests. We are here to make your journey interesting and enjoyable."

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