Food Can Be Love


I read a book once that asked the question: "If Jesus or the Buddha came to dinner, what would you serve?" Would you stop at McDonald’s for a combo meal? Order a pizza with a side of buffalo wings? Of course not. You would serve the very best food, cooked with love as a sign of respect, in the hopes of pleasing them and making them happy. You would definitely pick the very best of everything and set a beautiful table with yummy food.

The question I ask you is: Why should you treat yourself with any less love and respect? Are we not all part of God? Is there not that beautiful spark of the divine in us all? Don’t you deserve the healthiest, freshest food, cooked with love and served with respect?

Our bodies are our permanent homes while we are on this earth walk. We only get one per lifetime. Sadly, we often treat them worse than we would our cars. Most of us get regular oil changes and tune-ups for our cars. We only put the right kind of gas in them and use the right products that make our cars run well. But for our bodies, our homes, we pump in junk that we were never meant to have to digest. Chemicals are sprayed on our foods and in turn ingested into our systems and they don’t help us to "run" well at all. We eat things that are so processed and full of preservatives that they don’t actually break down naturally and can last on a shelf for years! How are our bodies supposed to deal with that? Can we really get any nutrition from a food that looks the same years from now?

The really funny thing is that many of us are baffled that we don’t feel well. We often can’t equate how we are feeling to what kind of fuel we put in our bodies. Our cars would break down if we used gasoline that had a ton of things in it that the car can’t use. Our bodies are no different. They require loving care and nourishment to run well and feel energetic and healthy. Eating the right foods for your body is a way to show your body love and respect – to treat your body like the divine gift it really is. Buying organic foods is not only good for our bodies, but it is good for the other body we can’t replace, the Earth.

I know life goes rushing past us at an alarming rate. The temptation to grab something fast, cheap and easy and just keep rushing along is great. But your body needs love, and one way to show that is to eat the very best, cleanest and healthiest foods possible.

Make each meal time an opportunity to nourish and love your inner Jesus or Buddha. Your body will thank you for it.


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