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Between 1977 and 1982, Maitreya gave 140 messages through Benjamin Creme during public lectures in London. The method used was mental overshadowing and a telepathic rapport thus set up. Maitreya’s messages of sharing, co-operation and unity inspire readers to spread the news of his reappearance and to work urgently for the rescue of millions suffering from poverty and starvation in a world of plenty. They also reveal the nature and purpose of his return at this moment in human history, and the qualities by which we may recognize him.

The following are excerpts from a few selected messages:

His purpose

In this coming time, I shall show you Beauties and Wonders beyond your imaginings, but which are your birthright, as Sons of God. My children, My friends, I have come more quickly, perhaps, than you expected. But there is much to do, much that needs changing in the world. Many hunger and die, many suffer needlessly. I come to change all that; to show you the way forward – into a simpler, saner, happier life – together. No longer man against man, nation against nation, but together, as brothers, shall we go forth into the New Country.

When I make Myself known, I shall express the hope of all mankind for a new life, a new start, a readiness to change direction; to see the construction of a New World in which men can live in peace; can live free from fear of themselves or their brothers; free to create from the joy in their hearts; free to be themselves, in simple honesty.

How to recognize him

Look for Me, My friends, as a Teacher of men, outlining the possibilities of the New Time. Remember that I am a man among men as well as a True Son of God. My Masters, too, are simple men and come to live among you as such. Nothing separates Us from you; we shall live and work among you as brothers. Remember this and look not for Gods. My Teachings will be simple indeed, will show you the way to God through Love and Service to man. My Plans are proceeding well and soon My Face will become known to you. May it be that you will allow Me to guide you into the future.

When you see and hear Me you will realize that you have known for long the Truths which I utter. Within your hearts rests the Truth of God. These simple Truths, My friends, underlie all existence. Sharing and Justice, Brotherhood and Freedom are not new concepts. From the dawn of time mankind has linked his aspiration to these beckoning stars. Now, My friends, shall we anchor them in the world.
Our role

Man is made to serve both God and Man, and only through that correct service can the path to God be trodden. Each man is a lighthouse and sheds abroad his light for his brother. Make bright your lamp and let it shine forth and show the way. All are needed, every one. No one is too small or young to take part in this great Plan for the rescue and the rehabilitation of our world. Resolve to do this and be assured that My help will not be withheld. How to start? Begin by dedicating yourself and all that you are and have to the service of your brothers and sisters everywhere. Make sure that not one day passes without some act of true service and be assured that My help will be yours. This, the Path of Service, is the only path for True Men, for it is the path which leads them to God.

My People are everywhere. Join them. Become one of them. Make this life a crowning achievement, and take part in the Great Plan. I ask you to do this because you have come into the world for this. You are here, not by chance, but to serve at this time your brothers and sisters. Seize then this opportunity, presented to you with love.

I am emerging soon, but first I would point the way into the new direction which Man, if he would survive, must take. Firstly, men must see themselves as brothers, sons of the One Father. This is essential if they would progress one step nearer The Godhead. Throughout the world there are men, women and little children who have not even the essentials to stay alive; they crowd the cities of many of the poorest countries in the world. This crime fills me with shame. My brothers, how can you watch these people die before your eyes and call yourselves men? My Plan is to save these, My little ones, from certain starvation and needless death. My Plan is to show you that the way out of your problems is to listen again to the true voice of God within your hearts, to share the produce of this most bountiful of worlds among your brothers and sisters everywhere.

All who share the hope that mankind should live in peace together work for Me. Peace, Sharing and Justice are central to My Teaching. Wherever the Light of these Truths shines I turn My eye, and through the channel of that Light do I send My Love. Thus do I work. Thus through you do I change the world.
His Emergence

It has been My intention to reveal Myself at the earliest possible moment, to brook no delay, and to come before the world as your Friend and Teacher. Much depends on My immediate discovery, for in this way can I help you to save your world. I am here to aid and teach, to show you the path to the future, and to reveal you to each other as gods. I am sure you realize that much depends on the actions of men in the coming years. All the world knows this. All the world stands in fear. Nevertheless, there is a growing sense of hope, a likelihood of change, a response to My Presence, creating thus a point of stillness in the tension. Hopes now run high for My appearance. Gladly would I present Myself to the people.

Look for Me then, and grasp My hand. I need your help to come before you, to bless this world and teach, to show men that the way forward is simple, requires only the acceptance of justice and freedom, sharing and love. These aspects are already within you and need only to be evoked by Me. Christ is here, My friends, the Avatar has come. Your Brother walks among you. My mission begins. Know me soon and help your brothers to know Me. Take My hand and let Me lead you to God. May the Divine Light and Love and Power of the One Most Holy God be now manifest within your hearts and minds. May this manifestation lead you quickly to see your roles in this heroic time.

Between 1988 and 1993 Maitreya gave another series of messages through an
associate in London’s Asian community, which were then transmitted to two
independent journalists and to Benjamin Creme. These communications covered
a wide range of topics: from Self-realization, awareness and detachment to
war, pollution, economic systems, and the science of light. They also included
highly accurate forecasts of impending world events, such as the breakup
of the Soviet Union, the end of apartheid in South Africa, earthquakes and
other “natural” disasters, and the rising power of the people’s voice.

Following are a few excerpts from this large body of information which has been published as Maitreya’s Teachings: The Laws of Life:

The Master within

“The Master is within you. If you follow the disciplines of life the Teacher teaches you, the Master reveals Himself within you. Do not be attached to the human form.”

“First you are the disciple. When you realize, as Jesus did, that ‘The Father and I are One’, you become the Master. The Master is within you. The Almighty is within you.”

Be what you are

“Be what you are. Do not follow one another. If you practice honesty of mind, sincerity of spirit and detachment, you will know your Self, you will know Me, you will know the Lord.”

I am with you

“You are experiencing Me at every moment. Every moment, I am with you. Only those whose mind, spirit and body are tranquil, in a state of equilibrium, become aware of God’s presence.

“There are times when you become aware that someone is behind you, within you, over you, around you – something is present. That ‘something’ is the Almighty. It does not participate; it observes. No one need struggle for this step. Everyone qualifies at this stage. Then, as your awareness grows, if you practice the discipline of detachment, you will know Me in My totality. The moment you think of Me, I am with you.”


“I come at the eleventh hour to save My sparks of life. The sparks of life are each and every individual Self. If someone is in trouble and he is My disciple, I come to console and guide him.” [“My disciple” is one who applies the teaching.]

“Death is also the eleventh hour. Does it hurt you when you change your clothes? When you leave your body, it will not hurt you. You may panic. This is your eleventh hour. At this moment, everything stands still. I am with you, and with everyone, at their eleventh hour. I help the one who is slain and the one who slays, I give experiences to both. When Jesus was on the cross, I was by the side of both crucified and crucifier at the eleventh hour. When Jesus saw this He said: ‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do…In victory and in defeat, I am with you… When the moment of death comes, the person experiences a sort of loneliness, as if things are moving away from him…At that moment, I am also helping the person to become detached.”

Enjoy life

“Remain open-minded. Enjoy life. When you enjoy life, it is as if you are sitting on the beach looking at the vast ocean. At that moment you experience serenity, tranquility, detachment within. You do not think of your bank account at that moment. Nobody lectures you at that moment. The gift of life flowers within you.

“Experience this and you will realize you are a unique person. You are unique in this creation.”

Make yourself happy

“Do not make Me happy. Make yourself happy and you have made Me happy. If you look after yourself, you look after Me.”


“Self-realization is God-realization. Self-realization has nothing to do with religion, politics or any form of ideology.”


“Instead of teaching salvation, religions are creating pockets of imprisonment. You are to teach the individual that to Self-realize is his destiny – the ultimate freedom and the ultimate salvation. The moment you personify teachings, you create demigods and dogmas which imprison.”

“To love your neighbor as yourself has nothing to do with religion. When it comes to loving yourself, you love your neighbor because the Self in him is the Self in you.”

“Fundamentalism and dogmatism are coming to an end. That time is quickly passing. I have come to teach you not to cry out for Me. The gurus and religious fanatics cry out for Me and the end result is that they never know Me. You are not born in sin, as they insist on telling you. For I am with you and you are with Me.”


“Awareness alone is more powerful than nuclear bombs, more powerful than anything else in the universe. Awareness is even ‘beyond light’ and is growing fast now.”

“To start with, I come to you ‘like a thief in the night’, so that you will not become too excited. Slowly, as you become aware, you can ‘digest’ what is ‘eaten’. In awareness you will know Me. In ‘isms’ you will fight against Me.”

“Your destiny is freedom. No one is ‘born in sin’. Rather, the Self is subject to conditioning during the process of evolution. The process of evolution is the Becoming.

“If you follow the three principles of honesty of mind, sincerity of spirit and detachment, evolution proceeds naturally. Your ‘second nature’ is conditioned nature, but practice of the three principles will free you from conditioning. No one is ‘condemned’ to conditioning.”


“Look at the world situation today. Everyone has fallen victim to ideologies in the name of religion, politics, civilization. Is it worth living this sort of life? The world has been polluted with ideologies. If the human race does not follow the path of justice, peace, happiness, grace, then nature will explode. If human beings (nations and countries) do not respect each other, the energies which are goading nations and countries to fight, and which are so vibrant in nature, will find expression in major disasters which are just around the corner now. You will witness major earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, airplane explosions. Everything you see happening in the world is entirely man-made.”


“When there is war, human beings will express and demonstrate every type of animal instinct and quality. Those who are destroying a country will experience vulture type instincts and grab whatever comes to hand. There are no human qualities in these actions.

“I belong to every individual and every nation and country alike. There is no ‘high’ and ‘low’. If you have faith in Me, trust Me, why go out and take part in such destruction?

“Ask your leaders why you are doing so. They will try to compel the individual, either forcefully or by stirring up the emotions in the individual. They will try to play with your mind and spirit. Thus, Iraqis have killed Kuwaitis. Kuwaitis are using other nations to kill Iraqis. In both cases, after death, they come to the Lord.

“You, the Self, are sent into creation by the Lord, not because of any leader, guru or politician. And it is the Lord Who takes you back.”

“There will be no war as a result of the corruption and deceit of the politicians because I am among you. So far I have been acting behind the scenes, with My hands concealed, in order to give room to those in authority to change their ways and to serve the will of the people. But now the time is imminent when I will have to raise My hand so that people can converge on Me and look towards Me for guidance.”

United Nations

“Famine is man-made. You cannot any longer say it is God-made. Now the developed nations, through the agency of the United Nations, must look after the welfare of the Third World. You will see many changes in the UN. The Secretary General will be changed. Younger blood will come in. The UN will become a powerful force.

“The United Nations is the seed of the World Parliament. This is a gradual process. It does not mean national parliaments will disappear. But there will be cooperation between world and national parliaments. The highest priority will be the environment; the lowest will be defense. Back door deals to sell more weapons will not work in the long run.”
Water privatization

“It is a time bomb. The elements of nature should never be privatized. If the politicians try to carry this out they will not succeed. Something spectacular will happen that will astonish the world. You cannot put profit before life.

“Commercialization is more destructive than any nuclear bomb.”

Economic systems

“The present economic systems are crumbling. The Japanese economy has cracks in it; and it will come to an end. It is clear now that pure capitalism has come to an end. It has no future whatsoever. The economy, education, the environment – everything – will be placed within the context of global social democracy in which everyone participates. Communism also is coming to an end.”

“The essence of market forces is greed and separatism. The more one is attached to these forces, the more they create cells of imprisonment. This leads to spiritual bankruptcy and mental disequilibrium.”


“The world does not belong to politicians. You cannot afford a war. He who is humble, who respects the will of the Lord, will always say, ‘I am the servant, I am the messenger’ – never ‘I am the leader.’ This is true of Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and others.

“The time has come for money to be spent on the welfare of the nations. Every nation, every country, belongs to the people. Those who divide God’s health and wealth in the name of ideology are themselves corrupt.”

“Politicians have double standards. When the leaders themselves have lost the way, what have they to offer? They are like zombies: psychologically, spiritually, mentally finished.”

“For all politicians, educationalists, doctors, etc., the message is: Everyone is important. Life itself cannot be dissected. For politicians the particular message is: You are here to work for the masses, the people, to create harmony instead of divisions.”


“If you want to be happy, make sure that your neighbor is happy. If you are rich and he is poor then share with him.”

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