Tips for Holistic Professionals from a Seasoned Client

Recently I had a medical intuitive reading by someone I had not known previously. My practitioner was very good-humored, but nonetheless, I am more cautious and alert in choosing a holistic healer these days.

I’ve been seeking holistic healing consciously for the past 14 years and consider myself a new-age spirituality junkie. I’m rather perceptive, perhaps even quite intuitive, but I haven’t been successful in developing anything close to clairaudience, clairvoyance or clairsentience in myself, and at times I am rather frustrated about not having found my own metaphysical venue by now.

I’ve probably attended more than 100 different workshops and classes over the years, from aromatherapy to tarot, and have experienced several healing therapies from acupressure to Shen and most everything in between. It could be my love of learning that keeps me curiously searching – and I do go within for my answers most often.

Lately I have wondered about the many experiences I’ve had and if metaphysicians ever think about how their clients see them. With the exception of a few of the workshops I have attended, I’ve rarely been asked for feedback from a healing session, a psychic reading, etc.

Thus, I am offering a few suggestions (perhaps a bit tongue-in-cheek) to metaphysical healers/teachers who are open to improving their practices. For some professionals these tips may not offer new information, but as a long-time recipient of metaphysical services, I believe some "professionals" may benefit from a few reminders:

• Take responsibility – be on time. I can’t believe that I’m even listing this one, but I have waited over a half-hour for appointments at times or have had practitioners miss appointments. (I’ve actually had more success with timeliness in the traditional medical system than with spiritualists – I can’t believe I’m really saying this, but it’s true. One psychic even rescheduled appointments twice with me because she said I knocked out her phone lines with my energy imbalance. Really, was it all me?)

• Offer your client choices. If you are giving a psychic reading and see an issue that you think you can clear out or heal, ask the client first before delving into a 15-minute, guided visualization. I’ve had some intuitives digressing from giving information to full-blown healing sessions, and afterwards they were very disappointed when I said that I didn’t feel any different. (I realize I have control issues, but really would it be so bad to give options and let us choose?)

• Know a little bit about your client’s "spirituality experience." It will save time if you don’t have to explain the Akashic records and save impatient people like me who want to "get to the good stuff" from hearing what I already know.

• State which information is guided and which is your own opinion. If you think your opinion or personal anecdote will benefit the client, make sure that you state that it is coming from you and not their guides, angels, aura, etc. Also, I’m a bit of a clock watcher, and the ticking seems to get louder as the professional tells me a funny story about her life experience. (Incidentally, I had an over-soul channeler tell me that I would benefit from taking bee pollen, so I gave it a try, and within two hours I became very ill and later ended up in the ER. Yeah, I know-discernment. I believe that the information I received was outside of the channel – a personal opinion, but that wasn’t communicated to me.)

• Be a good role model. If you tell your client that he needs to practice more compassion in his life, be compassionate when you say it. (I also think it’s kind of ironic that a Reiki practitioner once lit up a cigarette after talking to me about the importance of a healthy lifestyle!)

• Get feedback about your healing/psychic session. Sending out a survey to a client a few days after a session can be as useful as in other professions. (I had a reading where the psychic smacked his lips during my entire session. I was so distracted that I had to go home and listen to the tape to get the information he gave me.)

Okay, it may sound like I have a few gripes to let go of in this writing (and I probably do), but I’ve spent a lot of money on this spirituality stuff. Although I gained a lot of wisdom along the way, it’s more fun to explore with grace and ease. It’s easy to get caught up in the awesomeness of the many gifted metaphysicians available today, but remembering common sense in our metaphysical sessions is good advice in holistic exploration just as in other areas of our lives.



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