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My heart. Everything is from the heart – and I seek to operate from the heart. I use my heart and my gut as a way of determining where I am. I don’t care how bad things are, when I have a heart feeling, I know I am okay. I don’t care how good things are, when I have a gut feeling, I know something’s wrong. And the stronger the feeling, I know I better deal with it right then. The trick is to know when I’m in my head. When I’m in my head, I’m running on programs that are not from me but from the outside world. When I’m operating from my heart, I know it’s from the creator, and that’s always for me.

I’m on the integration path. I do a lot of different things, and I’m watching them, feel them, all come together. I’m becoming much more of a feel sense.

The source is Isha, and the activity is practicing the facets in her system. She teaches how to find inner peace and unconditional love of self. All my life I have been looking on the outside to find happiness, to find peace, to find love, while all the time it was within me. As you start practicing the facets, more and more you start going into that inner space of peace, and more and more start solidifying it. Even if the outside world changes, it doesn’t matter.

My background is as an engineer, and this is my first trip into this whole (metaphysical) world. Until I took Susan Just’s class on hypnotherapy, I had no idea what the word metaphysical even meant. Becoming a hypnotherapist has helped to open me up to the world of the unknown.

First of all, I’m getting a master’s degree in holistic health at St. Kate’s, and that in and of itself, supports my spirituality. I’m in a research group and we’re currently evaluating spirituality and its effect on energy healers and their practices. From a personal perspective, I’ve always had a strong pull toward shamanistic practices. I also try to do things ritualistically on a daily basis, such as setting my intention for the day, and it’s remarkable how well things go.

Meditation and laughter and being with my pets and my wonderful friends.

My main course of study has been the Conversations with God material for about 12 years, and I facilitate classes on that. I’ve been a student of A Course in Miracles for a long time. And I’m pretty active at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, a community that honors all sacred paths. I’ve explored other material, like The Power of Now and The New Earth, and the Tao Te Ching and a few others. They all kind of say the same thing.

I go anywhere – in nature, in synagogue – to be in silence so that I hear the promptings, and I can allow myself to enter into that great illumined presence of God and allow that peace to give me its music. Now I am taking that into music with my silk art, which are really called singing in silk. There is a song, and a story, that are behind the out-picturing for all of us, the consummate artist in all of us. I’m very interested in assisting others to do that, as well.

I spend a lot of time with family to support my spirituality. I spend a lot of time with people I love to support my spirituality. Recently we’ve gone to some Unity and Unitarian churches, which support my spirituality. And meditation supports my spirituality.

Definitely meditating and praying. Those are my personal, private ways in which I connect with God. And music. I am a musician and I like to write songs, sing songs, be with songs. And then people I get to spend time with really connect me to spirituality.

Photos by Tim Miejan



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