It’s All Good: Being who You are is a Gift to Everyone


Walking around Exhibition Hall of the recent Edge Life Expo, not really doing anything except being, I stand and smile. I am present with all that I experience, with clear eyes and open heart.

Beyond the exotic aromas and visually exciting shapes and colors in the hall, I sense an openness rarely experienced in public. Much eye contact. Smiles. An occasional greeting or question. Everyone willing to talk about spirituality on the spot, with no prodding. Some people I meet, like Jenwah of Wisconsin, whose vibrant, flowing silk paintings blaze a trail into your heart, share their true ambition to help others unite with their deeper soul, renewing and creating a simple way of being.

Passing near Jenwah’s booth a second time, she stops me to express more about her connection with Spirit through music. And she’s so happy when she shares like this, so anxious to be in service.

I see so many who are just like she is, all together here now, connecting here now in so many unseen ways, rearranging their patterns as their souls speak aloud…and in silence.

Structures that have been held in place for eons melt away in this building, at this time. We don’t know all that is happening, the transmutation in this space. How could we? Dr. Leo Kim tells me several days after the Expo that 96 percent of the universe has yet to be found, the dark stars and parallel dimensions notwithstanding. A cluster of energy known as you moves with intention, flowing at the cosmic level like a slow jellyfish in cold, blue water, traversing space and time in incredible ways, with an ease beyond your conscious self.

Something new

In the next second, I catch a glint of light in my eyes, sneeze and drop my notepad on the carpet. I kneel to pick it up and raise my head. A baby, draped over the shoulder of his mom, stares at me intently. Am I just a blob of color and energy, or are those old eyes looking through me? Are we communicating without words? I hear silence inside, and smile – nothing more and nothing less – and carry on.

Soon thereafter a friend who shares fond memories reminds me of the late Liz Nelson, founder of Walk-ins for Evolution, and suddenly I am with Liz, listening as she shares her dreams, a woman with infectious energy who now exists timelessly beyond the veil.

I remember how Liz moved my consciousness to a new place with just her presence. I see her now, her eyes twinkle, looking at others as pure soul, reminding them that they are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Liz, in all her splendor, was present. Her modus operandi: to just be. Because what else are we here for? What’s the bigger plan? And how can we help our fellow travelers along the way?

It is the very fact that she never forgot who she was that keeps her memory within my being.

Being here now

People from all walks of life now say their motto is to not live in the past or live in the future, but to stay in the present. Being present is an incredible gift. It allows you to experience the full wonder of life, from its sunrise to the full moon overhead, from the giggles of infants to the power of a presidential address, all the while feeling the energy, not numbed by habits of choice.

Be present – and then be soul.

With no ego in charge, and with no power to grab or situation to control, this is who you truly are. A weight of expectations lifts and you want to scream at the top of your lungs how free you are, but there is no longer a need to tell another living soul.Now, your presence says it all. Your light shines through your eyes and you touch with love. And with every step, you share your energy with the world. With every step, you anchor the permission to be yourself, to be soul, for everyone who lives and breathes.

Thank you, Liz, for living your light, and reminding us, always, to live ours.

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Tim Miejan
Tim Miejan is a writer who served as former editor and publisher of The Edge for twenty-five years. Contact him at [email protected].


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