Six Sure-Fire Diet Boosters


It’s no secret that the key to successful weight-loss and healthy weight maintenance is to keep that metabolism revving, fueled by energy and nutrition-rich foods, dietary supplements and an active lifestyle. A little strategy can go a long way toward keeping a diet and weight-loss initiative on track – particularly when the going gets tough.

The following diet tips are sure to kick your metabolism into high gear and keep those temptations in check:

Eat mostly vegetables with lean protein: Half your plate should be brightly colored vegetables (spinach, kale, red peppers, broccoli) because those with deep colors contain the most nutrition. The other half should be good quality, low-fat protein sources, such as eggs, tofu, fish, chicken and turkey, which will give you a feeling of fullness for a longer period of time and, thus, better hold those cravings at bay.

Keep blood sugar stable: Losing weight is very difficult when the blood sugar levels are elevated, which impairs carbohydrate metabolism and increases sugar cravings – all working against you. Avoid simple sugars along with artificial sweeteners, which have been shown to cause increased sugar rebound cravings. Indeed, research has shown an increase in cravings two to three hours after consuming sugar substitutes, such as Sweet n’ Low, Equal or Splenda.

Eat thermogenic foods daily: Foods with natural fat-burning properties, such as cayenne, ginger, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, cinnamon, green tea, hot peppers, citrus fruits (especially lemon) and apple cider vinegar can really help take – and keep – those pounds off when eaten on a regular daily basis.

Optimize your digestion: Break down your food properly and more efficiently so your cells may best utilize the nutrients. Chew well, take apple cider vinegar before each meal, eat in a relaxed setting and breathe while you eat.

Supplement for faster results: All natural, non-addictive dietary supplements, such as "Craving Control" offered by, support sustainable weight loss by safety speeding up your metabolism and reducing food cravings. Natural supplements and vitamins can aid in weight loss by increasing your body’s metabolism, while stabilizing blood sugar levels to help you avoid unhealthy snacking.

Drink green tea: By steeping one green tea bag in 6-8 oz of piping hot water, you create nature’s most perfect energy producing health-restoring beverage. Studies show that the catechins, a type of polyphenol, found in green tea assists in burning fat.

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