Symbology: A Greater Understanding; Walking the Path to a Healthier Life


The following is is drawn from Michael’s new book, The Health and Disease Symbology Handbook

Symbology is a universal language of the Creative Continuum that says all aspects of life are reflections of thought. The mind-body connection of Symbology goes beyond traditional medicine and reveals the real causes of disease and ill-health. As such, symbology is a radical new breakthrough in the field of health care.

The word symbology could probably spark several ideas and or definitions from each of us. Every day we read symbols to follow directions, such as stop signs, yields, soft shoulders, and math symbols, to name a few. Symbols tell us what we need to know in order to proceed. Learning how to utilize symbols that are presented in daily life give us the opportunity to influence, or even change, the outcome of events. This principle, or teaching, is based on the understanding that symbols are a reflection of tangible forms of thought. Nothing in our physical world has come about without originating from thought. When we understand the thought behind the symbol, we have the opportunity to change the outcome of events.

Diseases, conditions, events and occurrences are reflections of thoughts that reside in our conscious and subconscious. Diseases are the direct result of conflict between two opposing ideas or concepts being simultaneously considered, each with its own set of guidelines. When the two collide, illness is the result.

A sore throat, for example, would be the manifestation of the conflict between self-expectations and self-expression to the rest of the world. The conscious mind knows you must give a report at school or work. The subconscious mind, on the other hand, may feel inadequate at public speaking or may believe that it does not have the right or authority to produce the report. The conflict between the "must speak" and "can’t perform" concepts results in emotional turmoil. This turmoil is converted in the brain into electrically charged energy that sends a message to the throat to swell up and close down. A fever could also accompany this bioelectrical transaction because of the anger of being in conflict.

Once a thought has enough intent behind it, the personal willpower goes to work to make it happen. Then it can be acted upon, and the energy forces that create the reality of the thought are put into motion.

Every idea, action or feeling was first conceived in thought, thus, the term "metaphysical" applies. All things represent a thought beyond the physical. That is why everything is a symbolic reflection of thought in action.

Body-Mind Nutrition

Metaphysical body-mind nutrition offers a unified, in-depth way of examining diseases and conditions of life from two different and distinct perspectives. First, there is the body, comprised of nutritional states that can present either excellent health or conditions and diseases. The second perspective is the mind, which looks to more emotional factors. The mind influences the brain to perform certain functions. Under the mind’s subconscious directives, the brain will alter the body’s biochemistry, thus creating the right internal conditions to bring about a particular result. This result would be metaphysical, because it occurs beyond the physical. The mind sets in motion the ability to create the energy needed to obtain the optimum results.

Proper nutrition plays an active role in enabling the body and mind to find balance. Even nutrients have their own symbology. For instance, copper symbolically represents inner-emotional support, vitamin E equates to self-confidence, while zinc contributes to supporting fundamental expression.

Understanding symbols

Conflict between the conscious and subconscious minds results in disharmony. Eventually, if this conflict and the resulting disharmony are not understood, there will be physical manifestations.

If you are constantly on the lookout for the physical manifestations of disharmonies, you can gain understanding. Even better is to see the mind in action by reading symbols in your life. Symbols seen and understood will "short circuit" their physical manifestations.

Our true, spiritual self directs the mind to seek out symbols and reveal them so that we know what we have to fix. The object is to alter the outcome. Once we see the symbol the understanding follows. With understanding comes the changed outcome or result – no sore throat, for example.

Healing and the "cure"

The key to mastering life – a situation, or in this case, a disease – is the ability to read your inner-thoughts. Through understanding them, you gain control over them. Conscious control leads to mastery and the path to a "cure."

In everyday terms, the difference between curable and incurable comes down to levels of understanding. On a nutritional level, the best that one might be able to do is arrest a disease, to halt its further progression. Once understanding is brought into the picture, you are on a path toward a true cure. All diseases are the result of conflict between the spiritual directive from deep within the self and the ego’s desire or belief, in terms of what self can or cannot do. The conflict between spirit and ego creates disease and disharmony.

With the manifestation of the conflict and disharmony comes its transmutation from the thought realm to physical reality. Through the process of understanding the physical areas affected, a clear picture emerges of what is happening at the internal levels. "What is within will manifest without" is another Universal Teaching found within Mark 4:22 in the Bible, where it is written a little differently: "For There Is Nothing Hid, Which Shall Not Be Manifested; Neither Was Any Thing Kept Secret, But That It Should Come Abroad."

Working with health symbology offers the distinct advantage of gaining control over the disease that plagues you. As you understand, you begin to gain control, which causes the brain to adjust, accordingly. Once your level of understanding reaches the root cause of the problem and insight is applied, a cure can begin to take place. If these understandings are consistently applied, the probabilities for relapse become remote.

Now, another aspect – and a much more subtle one – is that disease will always seek to manifest because the ego always seeks to exist at all levels at all times. In understanding your belief system, your ego is dismantled, bit by bit, so symbology is a powerful tool for both good health and spiritual growth.

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Michael Schwartz
Michael Schwartz is an author, lecturer and holistic nutritional consultant. He entered the health food industry in 1975 and in the ensuing years he discovered his talent for herbal and nutritional healing. This led him to establish a naturopathic counseling practice. After many years of assisting clients to regain their health on multiple levels (such as physical-material, social, spiritual and emotional) his nutritional supplements company, Michael’s® Naturopathic Programs, was formed in 1984. Educated in the workings of the mind as it relates to the creation of one's own personal physical reality, and with the understandings of the Universal Principles in hand, Michael was able to change the course of his life, which led to many different benefits and experiences, including the foundation of his company. Michael’s latest book, “Disease Symbology Handbook” details a unique system to transform your physical reality into a vibrant and healthy lifestyle by mastering the power of your thoughts and emotions using Universal Principles and the fascinating language of Symbology. Whether a condition is occasional or chronic, this method delivers the tools needed to identify its root cause and put you on the path to a lifetime of holistic wellness with remarkable results in all aspects of life. Host of a weekly mind-body radio program, Michael is involved in educating the public on holistic wellness through radio and television appearances. A highly respected lecturer, with appearances at health and wellness venues nationwide, Michael’s holistic nutritional consultations continue to benefit people from all walks of life.


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