The Importance of Spiritual Development in my Life


My spiritual teacher always says live one day at a time, ask God for your daily bread and focus on the now. These are the things I find most important to remember in these trying times. They are so simple and a good reminder that spiritual development doesn’t have to be hard or confusing. If we can just learn to step out of the mess and see the bigger picture, we will all have an easier time facing what is right in front of us.

It is so important for us right now as human beings to help each other develop spiritually. Spiritual Development is not something that was meant to be done alone, in a monastery or in seclusion. We are meant to be in the world together experiencing everything we possibly can and loving every minute of it, because we are learning – and that is so important. Things are changing in our world today and we are faced with a lot of change. This change is meant to help us to grow spiritually at a much more rapid rate than in times past.

As a young girl, I made a promise to myself that I would never get stuck and stop growing. I never wanted to get old (this is what I said at the time). I thought that when people got old they stopped growing spiritually. Now that I am older, I have learned that it is not so much age, but a choice. As we continue to grow, things can get harder and we can choose to stay put for a while until we get our bearings down. For me, I never want to slow down for too long. I feel like I came here to do so much work that there isn’t time to take a break. Perhaps my break will come when I am on the other side.

I am currently working with a group of ladies. We call ourselves The Circle Mpls, LLC. There are five of us. We are all psychic, but we all work a little differently. We have combined our gifts and created multi-perspective psychic readings. Our mission is to help guide people on their highest spiritual path through psychic consultation and discussion. We are not merely here as psychics, but as souls on a mission for spiritual development.

When I give psychic readings, I always ask the universe to give me the information that is for the client’s highest good. I work very hard to keep my own thoughts and opinions out of the reading and simply channel information that is for the highest good of all. I do so with the intention of helping people on their spiritual path. When I am working with individuals who are seeking help with their spiritual development, things within me begin to light up. Just by helping them to grow spiritually, I am growing as well. In every reading that I give, I try to learn something about myself. I look at things within others and see if perhaps we share a common thread. Something they may be struggling with will be something I have been working on. Suddenly, as the information is given to them, something clicks and I get it too.

I encourage you all to continue to grow spiritually, at the pace that is right for you. We all grow and learn in our own unique way, and it is important for us all to remember and honor that within ourselves. And if some things take a little longer to learn, then remember to thank yourself for allowing the proper time to really understand what it is that you are experiencing.

The times when we feel like we simply cannot go any further are the most essential times of our spiritual growth. This is when you know you are in it and really truly experiencing the things you came here to learn.

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