World-Sound for Harmony


When I was a child I was feeling the Music as something higher and softer that, at the same time, could be part of my daily life and it could be with me in the ordinary activities, something accessible in every moment.

I started my path of listening, studying and experimenting, passing through the channels that were available for me in that moment – in a friend’s garage, a guitar teacher from the parish church, and local concerts.

During this growth I realized that the "Musical World" was polluted from a twisted thought of the society that influences a big part of the music business. I come away from it and I spent a period of loneliness venturing to the meditation, not knowing that the meditation itself would bring me back the Music and the Life. Now, I simply do the same things as ever, but with a different quality. I cannot find any better words than saying that my vision has been cleaned up: the mirror is the same, but the dust and the smudges that were darkening the image are gone away.

I use the Music to dance and reconnect to myself and to the earth. I let myself go in the listening and I flow in the vast spaces that the Music brings to me. I spend many moments even listening to the Nature, which gives me the Infinity. And when I play and sing, my notes are like rays pursuing that Infinity.

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