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Editor’s note: The following excerpts are from a channeling of The Light Collective with Kathryn Harwig that took place November 8, 2008, at Edge Life Expo.

We are pleased that so many of you heard the call and have taken the time to come and learn and listen about not only 2009, but also about your society changing. What we wish to say to you is that you have entered into this year, next year will be even more important. It is a time where you are going through a cultural change, a societal change. We invited you because you, and we do mean those of you who are here, who are in this room, are an integral part of this change.

For the majority of you, the beginning, the time when you started this change was approximately forty years ago. Do you recall at those times how you felt, and what you desired? Do you understand that in 1968 and 1969 you had visions of a world order, a peaceful society. A community where there was love and where the world was run in a less greedy fashion.

We have spoken to you before of how you create things, and how you manifest in your world. And now that you are under economic stress, you are the creators of this stress. It is part of the plan. Instead of being fearful of the stress that is currently happening, consider that you are beginning a new society, a new way of looking at your world. You will all be taken care of. Your lives will improve.


There are many of you, we understand, that are looking at your collection of monies and believing that they are smaller than they were before. This is true and it will continue. In 2009 it would not be wise to put your money in anything that is likely to go down. Your investments will continue to decrease for a time before they are equalized, and before your society creates a new way of doing things. All we are talking about is numbers. Your real investment at this time is to invest in joy. For some time now you have forgotten that money does not equal joy. When you look back at these times, you will not say, "These were bad times." You will say, "These were times when we became whole again, a whole nation, a whole society," and therefore we will give you concrete advice.

This one has told us that humans enjoy concrete advice. At this time there is much fear in your society. Mostly having to do with economic woes, and we understand there are people who have lost their income and their jobs, and their home. These are sad times. You will discover, many of you who have lost these jobs and these homes have lost them because they were not creating joy for you. It is time now perhaps to judge your net worth in a more joyful fashion. Perhaps instead of net worth you might say joy worth, and you will say, "What is my joy worth today?"


All of you have talents that you have not considered because you have been too busy becoming one thing. We wish to give you practical advice for 2009. As you prepare, whether or not you need to find a new job, first we would say to you, during these times you would be wise to stay where you are in terms of employment. It is going to continue to be difficult for another year of two.

Perhaps you will become more careful. Analyze your life, and ask "What is it that brings me joy?" and "What is it that I will keep to be joyful?" Also, look at "What is it I have that does not bring me joy?" And "What is it that feels burdensome?" and you will notice because you are powerful manifesters, that the things that are not bringing you joy will oftentimes be taken away from you. And then you will wonder, "Oh. I have lost a job I did not like" or "Oh, I am losing a house that is too large" or "Oh, my husband has left, but we really did not like each other." Things that are not giving you joy will be removed from you because this is how you manifest. When you learn to manifest, you see, you are getting precisely what you ask for. As you analyze what it is that brings you joy, and what it is you simply thought you might need, you will discover that much of what you have is not what you want. This is true whether it is jobs or houses or playthings.


There is a sense of cooperation and joy coming to your society that will cause you to look at different ways of living together. As you have created this economic difficulty, and you have created this fuel difficulty, you will also then look at your style of living, your style of housing. You will ask yourself, "Is it truly necessary for us all to have one house and a yard and one lawnmower, and so on and so forth. Would it not be wise to have one lawn mower per block? Would it not be wise to live in walking or short distance of where you work, or to work where you live? In your society more and more you will find it joyful to see that you can work where you live or live where you work. One of the changes in your society is that more and more of you will be finding ways to work close to your home, or you will find your home taken from you. Then you will see that this was not a home that worked for you in the first place. If your home is taken from you, if you cannot afford to live in your current home, you will discover that it is because you have manifested a joyful existence, and you are being given a chance to live it in a different fashion.

We see in your society within the next twenty or thirty of your years; there will be far fewer homes, far fewer single homes as you call them, and more community homes. Clusters of homes created around industries. For example, weavers would create a weaving cluster. Then they would cooperate. Perhaps they would need only one loom. They would cooperate around that loom and they could all have single dwelling places. We are not suggesting you will live in dormitories. Your clothing will look different, and your employment will look different.


In 2009 you have two assignments. Your first assignment is, no longer will each person have only one job. We assure you that within the next few years all of you will be having three jobs at least. You are looking sad on this because you are thinking, "Three jobs will make me work too hard." But this is incorrect. It is not that you would do three jobs for forty hours each. What we are saying is that if you have three skills, if you have three things that you can do, then if one is taken away from you, you still have two. All of you in this room are capable of doing more than one thing. Perhaps you have not thought, "What are three things that I can do?" If you are employed as a nurse, for example, this is one thing you can do. But then you think and realize you make very good bread. And then as you think further, you also think that you very much enjoy gardening, and then you have three things. If perhaps the next job is suddenly removed from you, you have two other things that you can do. You have no more fear because you know that in your heart these things will be given to you. Then you will say to us "Light Collective, we cannot make enough money to support our lifestyle doing gardening and bread." We will say to you, if you manifest it, you can do just that.

Then perhaps you would have a different lifestyle. You would join the bread coop where each person would bake different kinds of bread, and then one person would have a truck that would deliver it. In your society there is a total lack of cooperation. Many of your large companies will cease to exist. You can be sorry about that if you own stock in large companies. But the goal, if you go back to 1968, was to not have large companies. There will be some large companies, but they will not be as they have been. Your assignment is to consider three things that you can do. Some of you are talented artists or writers, or musicians, and you say "Light Collective, we cannot make money doing this" and we say you do not know that, but perhaps you will be living in a music collective in which not all of you would have to buy your own instruments. There will be a great deal of sharing of resources that will allow you to do things in a fashion you have not imagined.


We will speak to you of another development that is happening, but not in 2009. We will give you a large world view so you can understand the changes that are coming next year so you can say to yourself "I will not be fearful of this, for I see the larger picture." There are medical advances that have been made already, and are not being disseminated because it would entirely disrupt your world if you were all to live as long as you could. You are being lied to and not given this truth. But the truth is you could live to approximately 120 years of age. There is that ability in your body, in your DNA. That is your normal life expectancy. You have been told to die sooner, and so you do. Very soon now you will no longer need to do that.

This will completely confuse your society to have so many people living so long. This confuses things like retirement, does it not? For you would be retiring half way through your life, and then you would wonder what you would do. Well of course, you would no longer have to wonder. If you consider that you will live to 120, perhaps it makes it more interesting for you to consider how you will create joy for those periods of time. The primary reason that people die is that they are sad. They are not joyful. Now that you know that you are in charge of your joy you have already taken the primary step to a longer life. Living to 120 years of age is less having to do with what you eat or don’t eat, or how you exercise, or what you weigh. The primary reason people continue to live is that they are joyful and want to live.

If you watch you will see that most people who die young, sometimes have work to do on other planes, they walk out the door to do something else. Some of the small children who die, for example, do not die because they are not joyful, but die because they are invited to help on another dimension and they are being brave soldiers. But oftentimes you die because you are bored. You get to be in your sixties or seventies and you do not believe you have anything left to do. It is wise now in 2009 to think about what you will do for the next sixty of your years, or seventy, or eighty, and to live in joyfulness.


We are painting a picture for you of people living in communities as opposed to houses. A picture in which you have three or four or five jobs in the course of your lifetime, and they can all be very different, some of which you will do at the same time. Most of you will work in a small community where you will also sleep. You will live the way people used to live 100 years ago. You are not going backwards. You believe going backwards is bad. We believe you are returning to how humans are. You have, just in the last few days, made a very important step. You have invited one to lead you who also understands these things, and this is a powerful step. What possible sense does it make for anyone to spend as much money as your country is spending to kill other people? It makes no sense, does it? In the end, you will have far more money in your pocket to do other things for people. This will happen, but we are not saying it will be simple because it is a difficult job to change things overnight.

We are asking for your help. We are enlisting you to be positive when talking about the change. We are asking for you to be joyful and perhaps even to say, "Our stocks are going down, isn’t that lovely?" We are joking, but you understand that it is perhaps lovely that it is just a number and means nothing. You can say, "Yes our stocks are going down, but our life and joy is going up, and this is far more important to us."

You are created of light just as we are, however you do not see it as well as we do. Some of you see auras and other things, do you not? From the time that we looked before to now, your lights have blended with each other. When we see this we are joyful. That is telling us that already you are beginning to form communities. The first community you are forming is here, and it will continue.

A DVD of the entire session of The Light Collective at Edge Life Expo 2008 can be ordered at www.Harwig.com.

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