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In my mid-thirties, having spent hundreds of hours with quantum physics and in deep meditative silence, I had the direct experience that there really are two worlds – the visible world of matter and the invisible Source of life. What I also realized is that everything in the universe is made of the same "stuff," just in different forms – like H2O existing in the form of clouds, water and ice.

My life took a turn when, instead of pushing heavy blocks of ice (the visible world), I simply puffed away the clouds (sub-atomic Sources of creation). If one can learn to surf the Creative Force and influence the dance of the electron, fear and stress naturally fade. I explain in this article how one can live at ease by being in touch with the Source.

The universe is made up of energy, and the language of energy is waves and frequencies. Scientists have detected that at every dimension of life, including the human body, subtle energy layers are vibrating beneath the visible world of matter.

Yoga describes six energy layers: the physical, electrical, mental, emotional, intuitive and the Soul. Science today can detect the vibrations of the first four layers using sensitive scientific devices. While intuition, the fifth layer, remains undetectable by sensitive equipment, it is known by many as their "sixth sense" or the insight that seems to jump out at them from "nowhere." The sixth energy layer, which also continues to elude science, is the same as the Life Force or creative God Force.

Let’s take a closer look at the first four layers. The physical layer is essentially the gross human body. The electrical layer is composed of subtle heat and electrical impulses that emanate from the surface of the human skin. These subtle energies have been detected by sensitive equipment for years now.

The brain, which we often misperceive as the origin of thinking, is merely the medium in which thought waves measured by an EEG device vibrate. The mind, where thoughts originate, constitutes the mental layer, and is actually a formless energy field. While most people think of the mind as singular, there are actually three minds: the intuitive mind in touch with all universal information, the rational mind that analyzes and categorizes, and the subconscious mind that is the storehouse of all human memories, emotions and core beliefs that drive our behavior.

The emotional layer refers to emotions. Emotions can be defined as energy in motion. Emotions arise from thoughts and vibrate at different frequencies. There are two primary emotions in the universe – love and fear. Love exhibits the highest vibrational frequency, while emotions of shame and guilt vibrate at very slow, dense levels. Joyous people vibrate highly with emotions of love, forgiveness and acceptance.

Patanjali, one of the founding fathers of Raja Yoga, said that our subtle thoughts influence the Creative Forces. Recently, scientists like Einstein and Bohr proved that the intentions and thoughts of the physicist repeatedly influence the dance of the electron and the outcome of the quantum experiments.

What this means is that our predominant thoughts not only program our subconscious behavior, but that our repeated and focused thoughts manifest into physical reality by influencing the fundamental building block of all creation – the atom. Taking this a step further, essentially you have the power to choose and alter your thoughts and emotions to manifest your desired reality at the subatomic level. If you do not like the way you are feeling and the outcomes you are getting, you have the power to alter your thoughts and, therefore, the vibrational frequency within you, as well as the results of your external life.

Think of yourself as a radio set. If the God Station is whispering to you at frequencies that you are not tuned into, you may think, "God, why have you forsaken me?" Recent experiments in higher consciousness show that people begin to have holy visions and experiences while vibrating above 200,000 cycles per second. The gross physical body of a non-meditator vibrates at approximately 350 cycles per second. Where do you feel you are vibrating at the moment?

During meditation, as we learn to quiet our mind and turn our focus inward, we gradually increase our vibrational frequency. It is possible to raise your vibrational frequency and tune into the God Force, by incorporating daily prayer and silent meditation into your life. You may also work to consciously choose love over fear at every junction of life and intentionally replace negative thoughts with uplifting ones.

Kambiz Naficy will conduct his first U.S. retreat at Macalester College in St. Paul on January 16-18. For information on the retreat, visit the Joy of Life website [], email [email protected], or call 952.594.4346.

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Kambiz Naficy
Kambiz Naficy is a meditation master and the founder of the international organization, Joy of Life. The mission of Joy of Life is to create joyful and stress-free living worldwide, by raising human consciousness. Kambiz integrates the wisdom of ancient Kriya Yoga teachings with modern holistic sciences such as quantum physics and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Through Kriya yoga practices, including energetic breathing and meditation, Kambiz promotes Self-exploration and empowerment while helping people reach their full potential.


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