Call to Arms: Conscious Breath

Practice stress-releasing, transformational exercise for 23 days while focusing on world problem No. 1, simultaneously de-stressing yourself. Then you can focus on problem No. 2!

Unprecedented challenges face all of us, including:

• The Economy…in sharp recession.

• Federal Debt…$10.6 trillion deficits affecting other governments.

• Retirees…75 million boomers retiring, weakening safety nets.

• Class Inequity…"me-first" attitudes and apathy.

• Trade Policies…Unbalanced between U.S. and world, resources draining.

• Environment…Leading to global warming, etc.

• Agriculture…Emphasis on quantity, with weakening health, despoiling soils.

• Health Care…Ineffective, expensive, plus 80 million uninsured or underinsured.

• War and Terror…Expensive wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, other foreign challenges, adversaries could be anywhere.

• Education…Harder to get good education.

• Immigration…Cannot let "everyone" in, but how to stop them?

• Security…Reactive policies; one person hid weapon in shoe, now millions must have their shoes inspected.

Friends, are you stressed out? I’m optimistic that President Barack Obama will improve things, but my Light Spirit knows there are problems ahead. Most "problems" relate to the illusory physical dimension. Examine a cell’s structure under an electron microscope and you will find that 99.99 percent of everything is pure energy, leaving a mere .01 percent as a physical atom. And inside that atom, 99.99 percent of it is space. Again, energy!

Our cognitive minds spend our waking hours thinking of how to stay safe in the world, but now we know the physical dimension is "small potatoes." Our real intelligence resides in 50 trillion cells of non-cognitive hearts, livers, kidneys, bladders, eyes, etc., and we’re learning to talk and listen to know how we’re living spiritually, energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically. It’s easy to know when we’re sick, have low energy, feel unhappy, unloving, unintuitive and unenthusiastic.

We can escape the quagmires of our thinking! What I am offering you here is a multi-dimensional exercise I’ve developed. I hope you’ll want to practice this exercise five minutes a day for 23 days. As you feel less stressed out, use networking skills to encourage others to practice. When a million people do it, we’ll observe improvements in our health, budgets and sanity!

The Breath of Unconditional Love

Follow these five steps. Close your eyes and…

• Go Spiritual: Inhale to fill your lungs fully. Visualize the sun shining on you with unconditional light and love. Touch a tight point on your head or body to identify a recharge window and receive infinite spiritual energy!

• Allow time for tensions to melt: Hold your breath for as long as possible, counting to five or more as you tense your tight spot. Allow it to melt as you share the loving energy you inhaled!

• Release tension from your body as you share a sunbeam with the darkness of a personal or world problem: Relax your mind and body while releasing your breath, letting all melted tension leave. Touch a second tight point elsewhere on your body to identify discharge, a grounding window. That helps open your circuitry from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes!

• Continue exhaling to release the tensions that hold the problem: Exhale an extra three to 20 short breaths down through your body. Place a finger on the tip of a finger or toe. Send breath into an image of a person or problem you wish to heal, thus complying with the love principle: "Give to Get," releasing problems to perfect infinite Spirit, escaping illusory physical madness! Visualize your breath moving down through your body, out to a place of darkness – center of a dark crater on moon, center of your heart, liver, etc. Exhale while visualizing a person causing you grief, to a picture representing an economic problem….

• Allow your breath to stay empty a few seconds: Enjoy feeling the "empty breath." Notice that the universe requires you to reconnect with the Source of Infinite love, joy and healing after you willingly give it away! You’ll want to repeat the cycle over several minutes to empower it.

We were all born to be Light Workers, but maybe we forgot how. Practice the sacred breath and rich rewards will find you. Please share your results with me at Enjoy!



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