No Party Lasts Forever

I have a tendency to over-schedule and over commit. It comes, I think, from a mistaken belief that given enough time, I really can do everything and be all things for all people. Because I can’t, of course, I end up tired and frazzled and disappointed in myself when I have to cancel things.

A few months ago I realized that I simply had to drop some things from my life to make space for other things to happen. One thing I had to let go of was a monthly group that I hosted at my studio. There was a fair amount of disappointment, of course, as it was a popular meeting. And I felt guilty.

My students were more than gracious. All my feelings of guilt were internally generated. Then, one of my students simply said to me, "You know, Kathryn, no party lasts forever."

The truth in that statement let me release my feelings of guilt. It is true. No party, event, meeting, relationship, job or state of being lasts forever. The universe has a natural cycle of ebbs and flows, and we are a part of that mighty dance. Staying at a party too long disrupts the rhythm of a life. We need to leave parties, graduate from schools and retire from jobs, just as surely as the trees need to release their leaves in autumn.

When I look at what is going on in the economic cycle of our world, I think it is time to leave that party, as well. It has been a lot of fun. We have been spending money like drunken sailors. We came to believe that our houses would always increase in value and our salaries would always get bigger. But the party is winding down.

The good thing about parties is that there is always another one. Here we are in the dawning of a new age. It looks like this party is about simplicity, gentleness and peace. The changes that have been predicted for the time surrounding 2012 are coming true. The catastrophes that were foreseen are not going to be caused by earthquakes or tilting ice caps though (although we will, of course, have some natural disasters).

The changes that will usher in the new age are likely to be more financially based. We will be challenged to find new ways to live. Simpler, quieter ways perhaps. This party will show us how to judge the quality of our lives more on what we do than on what we have.

It will be a difficult adjustment. For years we have been encouraged to spend. Shopping became a hobby rather than a way to get the necessities of life.

At the last Edge Life Expo, my guides spoke to the crowd about the upcoming changes. They stressed that these changes were a good thing. We will learn to cooperate and live in communities. We will learn not to just "get by" but to savor a simpler, more contemplative time. What we lose in things we will gain in time. They suggested that we invest in joy rather than in stocks and bonds.

Whether we like it or not, every party ends. Those of us in the metaphysical community have a huge advantage in this. We have been told of the ending and we have time to prepare for it.

As another new year dawns and we make our resolutions and plans, remember not to stay too long at the party. Another one is being planned that promises to be great fun. See you all there.



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