The Two Earths


I dislike stuffy, academic prose that makes your brain go quietly away while your eyes glaze and your mouth slowly drops open. Cripes, I almost submitted that kind of article for this column, and out of sheer guilt I apologize for something you never read but what was nearly foisted on you by my hand. I started writing, wanting to share some thoughts about this amazing time we live in, and pretty much wrote a book’s worth of material crushed into 700 words. Made me
groggy just trying to proofread it.

I called that article The Two Earths, and have again done so for this rewrite. The original article used my two biggest words: transformation and consciousness. I even used them in a compound sentence as a kind of twofer – and, sadly, an instant block to any further reading. I’ll try not to do it again.

The challenge is, those two big words do pretty much sum up most of what I talk about, and they’re darn handy when trying to speak in a…well…stuffy and academic manner. I could probably just say that I am involved in the nitty gritty of how life is changing, what is happening behind the scenes and the effects the changes are having on people. Consciousness R Us and all that.

So, the world isn’t what it used to be. Boy, there’s some good news. I was getting downright exhausted staying silent in a world that wanted to hear nothing about how everything was going to be changing big time. Now I say, “Hey, everything is changing big time,” and everybody goes DUH. You’d think all of us “dawning of the age of Aquarius” singalongs would experience smooth sailing, but noooooo. And why is that? Might it be that we forgot to include ourselves in the original equation of making a shift to peace, love and understanding? We’ve been preachin’ and teachin’ about the new age for so long that when it arrived, perhaps we got flustered and relapsed into a mentality that there still must be something left to fix. T’aint nothin’ broke. Sure, we’ve got a few jillion things re-creating themselves (including us), but maybe we can quit with the vigilance already.

So, how about no more academic exercise? How about appreciating and acknowledging how much we have worked…and healed…and grown…and…transformed. Do you realize that the new world that was just around the bend has become a reality? I ask, because it isn’t yet very visible, so you might have missed it. We have actually brought a new reality into being, but we act like it’s not there. Do you know why?

Maybe we have not understood the profound thing we have accomplished, and so we don’t recognize that there is yet one more choice to be made. Perhaps our final choice. We have evolved in a world governed by fear, disliking every moment of the power plays and competition that suck the life from us, yet we somehow think we can’t move on until the last particle of the old world dissipates. Don’t you find at least some irony in the idea that a new world of our creation awaits our participation, yet we don’t step into it because we’re now afraid or otherwise unwilling to do so?

We became good at navigating the old world of polarity and competition. You know, that one that so expertly binds through endless fear of some external threat we must prepare for. We wanted to change all that, and now we have a new world with the qualities we desire, just waiting to be inhabited. Waiting, in fact, to be chosen. Two Earths, simultaneous in existence (for now), yet offering us completely different experiences. The old one requiring excessive use of mind to maintain the illusion of control over endless painful experiences, and the new one requiring a surrender of mind, opening of heart and release of control into the mystery of the unknown. Seems a no-brainer to me, yet we still do get to decide for ourselves.

As I see it, we’re entering a critical phase in our transformation that may be pushing for a decision before the window of opportunity closes. The question, at least, is simple: which earth do you choose?

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Chris LaFontaine
Chris LaFontaine is consciousness techie with the soul of an artist and healer. He shares his perspectives on personal and global transformation through blog posts at Lightsmith (, and can be contacted at [email protected].


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