Can You Hear Me Now?


I have some pet peeves, things that send me up a wall, rub me the wrong way, turn my crank and tan my hide – like over-used sayings and cliches, often regurgitated without a second thought. An example? How about: "It is better to give than to receive." I am aware of the origins of this concept and the power it has held over people, but I just don’t happen to believe it is truth. It has always felt like misdirection promoted by somebody with an agenda, or passed along in a way that creates a binding through expectation.

Thanks to this program running in our systems, we became good at giving up our energy without developing a similar ability to receive. As I see it, that old program is up for deletion as we enter into the new reality, because the ability to receive is directly related to creating within that new system. Receptivity is also related to listening, and both are hallmarks of repressed feminine attributes now being restored to consciousness. Part of our shift includes moving away from how much we focus our minds on outcomes to how well we can listen at a deeper level of awareness.

And speaking of receivers….

February 17 was to be the day TV stations stopped sending analog broadcast signals and begin to transmit only digitally (the government recently delayed this process). Hooray, more change. Technically, that shift is from transmitting a variable electromagnetic wave to a series of pulses. The original wave can literally be broken into bits, sent in pulses, and be recreated on the receiving end using basic computer language – meaning on or off, or yes and no. I don’t mean to go all technoid on you, but I observe with curiosity how consciousness always manifests in form what is happening behind the scenes. How is that relevant? Stay tuned, I’ll be back with more after this break.

Did you grow up with rabbit-ear antennas? (Yes, I’m of that vintage.) We had to adjust the position of the antenna for each station we wanted to watch. And maybe add some tinfoil. No matter what we did there was almost always some interference disturbing the wave, leading to an imperfect, yet viewable, picture on the TV. With digital transmission the picture is now either perfect or non-existent. We have eliminated snow, static, moving lines and fuzzy pictures – but interfere with the reception and the picture stops. It’s either on or off. In other words, the system is precise about the signal it recognizes and there is no grey area.

Have you noticed the grey area disappearing from your own experience these days? Have you found a reduced ability to accept energies that feel out of tune with you, sort of like there is no longer tolerance for the old ways? Clarity is a hallmark of the new operating system, and we accept no iffyness. Something either matches you or it doesn’t, or something opens to you or it doesn’t. This is the new system of yes or no.

We choose based on a deep knowing, without analysis, trusting the way we are being informed. And we’re definitely practicing this way of listening; sometimes we fail to honor what we hear. Ever notice how quickly things become uncomfortable when choosing what doesn’t match? Ouch, learning curve.

I’m suggesting that the operating system of the new reality needs us to match it before we can enter and create within it. What if aligning with that new reality doesn’t happen through mental awareness, but is connected to how well we can receive? And what if the new reality is intent upon delivering fulfillment of what our soul deeply desires while also delivering the same to everyone else at the same time? Now that would be a magnificent creation to experience, and one that I believe is our destiny.

Perhaps it is worth whatever it takes to let go of any remaining old programs that say such an experience can’t be yours. I don’t know about you, but boy howdy that makes me want to get my ducks in a row, leaves me feeling happy as a clam and as good as gold.

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