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For the past 16 years Gary Beckman has published Edge Life magazine, originally known as The Edge newspaper, providing the Twin Cities and the Upper Midwest with information, insight and wisdom in the realm of metaphysics, complementary healing, spirituality and holistic living. This February edition, issue No. 196, is his last as publisher.

The magazine and its website was sold effective February 1 to Tim Miejan, managing editor, and Cathy Jacobsen, sales manager. They will relaunch the publication on March 1 as The Edge: Soul of the Cities, and the website will be moved to SouloftheCities.net.

Gary Beckman and his wife and co-owner, Insiah, will continue producing holistic expos and events throughout the Upper Midwest. The next event is the third annual Twin Cities Psychic Symposium on Feb. 28 at Earle Brown Center in Brooklyn Center, followed by the second annual Iowa Holistic Expo on March 14-15 in downtown Des Moines, the third annual Fargo Holistic Expo on April 18-19 in Fargo, N.D., and the ninth annual Edge Life Expo on November 14-15. Other speaker events in the Twin Cities also are being discussed. Edge Life Expos & Events will remain at Edgelife.net.

The Edge is being redesigned to a scaled-down 8×11 magazine size for the March edition to make it not only easier to read, but more economical to produce. Also in March, a new digital edition of the magazine will be presented online.

Gary Beckman launched The Edge in September 1992 as a newsprint tabloid that focused on “exploring the evolution of consciousness.” His desire was to share the cutting edge of metaphysics and healing with the general public, as well as present a forum where the public could share their insights on all forms of spirituality, without judgment.

“I wanted to share with the thousands of people information about the many belief systems and modalities and technologies that are available on the Earth,” Beckman said in an interview in late 2007. His dharma, he said, was to “bring a lot of information about spiritual and healing modalities, and belief systems, to a lot of people.”

Insiah joined Gary with The Edge in 1997 when they married. She not only has been co-owner and vice-president of the magazine and expos and events, she served for many years as business manager, and she resumes that position now with Edge Life Expos & Events. She said her joy in working with the publication was the result of “making a difference” in people’s lives.

Tim Miejan joined The Edge as managing editor in January 1996 after serving 12 years as a reporter and editor with the St. Joseph (Mo.) News-Press & Gazette. Cathy Jacobsen (formerly Shaffer) has worked with The Edge/Edge Life for nine years, selling print advertising and exhibition booths, as well as serving as sales manager.

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