Farewell, My Friends, Farewell

Oh! My! It all started in December 1990 to create a newspaper that will share information, conscious thoughts and beliefs that have created the human race. I believe this was accomplished with input from thousands of writers, advertisers and readers – and printing, distribution, sales and accounting people.

We Did It!

However, In a mere 11 months we are caught in the nastiest business downcycle in 75 years. Our present business plan would not work any longer. Thus, we sold the Edge Life magazine to our current Managing Editor Tim Miejan and Sales Manager Cathy Jacobson. I believe their business plan will work; returning to a two-person operation with support from outside distribution and printing.

There is no a question in my mind that they can weather the next 12 or 13 months and beyond with support from all current and future advertisers. Without question, they need your support. When money is tight, you must still promote your business and yourself. "To promote" is the mantra.

That being said, I want to personally thank the thousands of people who had faith in us. It has been a great ride, with moments of great euphoria and great struggle, not atypical of human life. A very special thanks goes out to all our advertisers from the past 17 years: Thank You! Thank You! We all must remember that a wheel does not turn until something is sold.

A few highlights and people in the history of Edge Life: Lynn LaFroth, Melissa May, Dr. Jan Adams, Tim Miejan, Steve Hokenson, Janelle Bilewitch, Della McGee, Doug Crandall, Cathy Jacobsen…and a special thanks to Stephanie Grant and Insiah Beckman, my wife.

So what will Insiah & Gary Beckman do? We will maintain our Edge Life Expo and Events. They are successful and growing. Displaying at an Expo is the least-expensive way to meet and greet thousands of people for a nominal price. Our present team of Insiah (Business Manager), Gary Fricke (Director of Expos & Events), Stephanie Grant (Accounting), Patty Nolt (Sales) and I will continue to present in 2009: Twin Cities Psychic Symposium; Iowa Holistic Expo; Fargo Holistic Expo; A Paranormal Event; Minnesota Edge Life Holistic Expo; and Five Speaking Engagements.

Again, I say farewell, but not goodbye. We will continue to blaze forward into the eye of the future and produce events that will enhance your lives, which has been Insiah’s and my goal. Thank you. I send you Love & Peace and see you on the trail of life.



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