Generating Stillness Amidst Chaos


As I write this I feel like I am standing in a doorway, swaying back and forth between the old habitual sensations and a new clarity that is so clear I don’t even know it is there. There is the violence and chaos, but there is also this stillness. The stillness is so pristine that if my antenna is listening to the outer chaos I would easily trample upon it, clueless to its existence. This new clarity makes forward motion available to me, as long as I notice and release the patterns of emotions and thoughts that are still audible from the old way of being. Even a small action based on the old way of being causes discomfort.

My guides were giving me a similar metaphor about the transition process the USA is in right now, and how much I’m looking forward to the new era that awaits us politically. And yet, this road to change is so darn bumpy! When the focus of power moves from one point to another stuff gets chaotic for a bit in the shift.

In this case, on a personal level, it is like jumping on a trampoline, without having emptied your pockets first! Everything comes flying out and it lands all over the place. My sense is that the bumps and jumps we are experiencing serve to loosen those behaviors, patterns and energies that our soul has targeted for release. These are energies that our soul must shed, in order to walk through the doorway into the new era. "And it is our new era," my guides add.

Not surprisingly, this is what I’ve been doing in private sessions for other people also. Right now I’m often being directed to assist clients to address issues that lie several feet away from the physical body. This is so hard to see from inside your own aura. But it is fairly easy to see from outside. And once I point out what I’m seeing, most people can feel or see it in their own way.

These energies are much easier to remove sooner rather than later. Sort of like trying to wedge yourself through a doorway with a gigantic backpack on. It is so much easier to take it off before you get stuck in the doorway!

So often in "new age" terms we speak of illnesses as dis-ease. And it is true, there is usually a sense of discomfort, not always in the exact location of where the physical disease may eventually manifest, but it may be a discomfort or imbalance in the life or lifestyle or emotions.

Very often the physical body registers discomfort at a subtle level. This happens long before the disease has manifested into the body. The physical body registers sensations kinesthetically of what is going on all around us – two, three, four, five or six feet away from us. Oftentimes when something begins to molest us and to manifest as illness or noticeable discomfort, we look at the body itself. We forget to look outside of the body, to where it is probably coming from; the subtle energy field two feet, three feet or more outside of our physical body.

In these spaces farther away from our bodies we intersect with other people. We intersect our energies with those groups of people we have agreements with, such as those who live in our neighborhood or city, our biological family, those people we work with, people at the school we are attending or a sport we participate in. Most people have easily a dozen primary agreements between themselves and a group of people in their life.

For example: Each person’s soul has an agreement with their own national consciousness. The soul has decided upon a quality of energy that reflects its agreement with the larger national consciousness. Therefore, whether they live in Canada or the USA or China, each person’s physical body resonates with some aspect of their country’s national consciousness. And, each person impacts that national consciousness. In this fashion, each of us, no matter where we live, is playing our part in that larger agreement that our soul has to the national consciousness.

Likewise, within the world there are those who have agreements to hold certain qualities of energies. Simply by being in a human body, you carry an agreement of the quality of energy that you will manifest. As long as you are in that human body, the quality of energy that you have agreed to manifest here on Earth is present. That quality of energy resonates out, and is audible to everyone.

While there are moments when it seems rather odd to simply sit still and do nothing, in that doing nothing you have the opportunity to turn within, and find that vibration that your soul has agreed to bring into the Earth plane, on behalf of humanity.

Your stillness draws forth the remembrance of stillness from those involved in the conflicts, the wars and the battles. It draws through them that remembrance of home…and of the communion they share with you as humans here upon the Earth.

In this manner we do not aim to inflict Peace, nor to inflict an artificial straight line of resolution to conflict, but to offer that service of remembrance, that each might be nourished, might be fed, simply because there are those who sit in silence, and sit in alignment, which is true peace.

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