Shhh…Can You Hear It?


Each one of us is born with an innate psychic ability. It is our birthright as children of God. Psychic ability can manifest in many ways. It can come as prophetic dreams, clairaudience (hearing), clairvoyance (seeing), healing, empathy (feeling) or just "hunches." Some people seem to have an unmistakable ability from birth and others don’t think they have any at all. But we all have the possibility to explore and expand our natural abilities.

If you want to be able to hear the subtle whispers of spirit, silence is one important quality to nurture in your life. If you cannot quiet all the chatter in your outward life or the inner chatter of your own brain, you will have a hard time discerning the voice of your intuition.

Spending time every day, if possible, or at least a few times a week, in meditation will help you be able to sort out what are just random thoughts and what may be the voices of your spirit guides or higher self. Meditation does not have to be just sitting and trying to clear your mind while listening to your breath. It can be anything that stills the constant banter going on in your brain. You can get CDs with guided meditations, you can do a mindful activity such as gardening, exercising or dancing or you can listen to music and see where your imagination will take you.

Imagination is very closely linked to psychic ability, but it does take practice to be able to tell the difference between daydreaming and receiving psychic information. One way to do that is to write down whatever comes to you during your meditation time. Keep a journal with all the little things that you see, hear or feel. Then review it on a regular basis to see what came of it all.

Eventually, you will be able to tell and feel the difference between your daily thoughts and wishes and the ideas that come to you from spirit that are there to guide you in your life. If you find the messages aren’t making much sense or seem garbled, it’s OK to ask for clarification. Sometimes it is like tuning in a radio station. You have to fiddle with the knobs a bit to get the right frequency.

Another key component is trust. You must not only trust that you can develop this ability, but you must trust it when it happens and act accordingly. For instance, if you get a hunch that you should call a friend because they may be in need, call them! It may turn out to be nothing, but then again, you may just brighten the day of someone who was silently crying out for some love.

You should also be willing to trust your intuition even if you never know if it was accurate, such as feeling strongly that you should take a different route home from work. You may never know the reason why you felt the need to do that, but you need to trust that it was worth the trouble. I found that the more I listened to my little "hunches" and acted on them, the stronger they became. You also need to stop writing them off as coincidence. I’m sure you have heard many people say there is no such thing as coincidence. I agree. I think coincidence and serendipity are just different words for divine intervention. Spirit is talking to us all the time just waiting for us to really listen.

Finally, it is always good to be thankful for all our abilities, especially ones we want to develop. When you find you were right on about something, pause and say a little "Thank You" to the universe for the gift you have received. Or I should say, for the gift you have just noticed, because it is something we all have and sometimes we just need to acknowledge it to help it grow.

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