The 40-year Reunion with My Inner Psychic


My inner psychic and I ran into each other again about a year ago after 40 years of estrangement due to schooling and a long career as a business owner. As we have reacquainted ourselves, I have discovered that the previous 25 years I spent as a severely analytical thinker withered the connection between us down to something like two tin cans joined by a (frayed) string.

Now, I’m also finding out that re-building the connection is easier said than done – and that’s the point of this article. Those of us who would trade our left arm to be able to see, do, hear and feel some of the psychic things we witness and read about need to find introductory tools that provide personal, verifiable feedback all along the path from tin cans back to the equivalent of speed dialing.

As I searched for and tried different ways to reconnect, I discovered that being able to see, hear and/or feel my inner psychic (a.k.a. my intuition and my higher self) amounts to the ante into the poker game of the spiritual side of life. Seeing auras, feeling and adjusting energy blockages and flows, hearing or sensing our guides, receiving messages in our dreams, traveling out of our bodies, using a pendulum or dowsing rod, etc., all depend on a strong intuitive connection. Until we have that, the rest is just interesting reading.

So, how does a newbie learn to "hear" his or her inner psychic again? Well, I’m doing a number of things that are helping:

Use a set of oracle cards.

I bought the Ask Your Guides card deck. Sometimes the messages seem off-target, but their usefulness and accuracy amaze me often enough to confirm there’s something real going on. Using the cards reminds me that I can personally connect with my inner psychic, even at this stage, and even though it’s not a two-way conversation yet.

Meditate using Hemi-Sync Metamusic CDs.

I’ve practiced a few different approaches to sitting meditation. On occasion, I’ve sunk deep enough to feel a shift and a bit of quiet space open up. Then, during a session, a medium suggested I look into The Monroe Institute. I overcame my reluctance and purchased one of their Hemi-Sync CDs at an Edge Life Expo. Listening to it while meditating takes me to that "deep space" every time! I now own several CDs and seldom meditate without them. It’s great to feel the shift and that peace daily, and I hope that repeated visits to that deep space will make it easier and easier to connect with my inner psychic.

Talk to your guides.

A medium told me my guides are glad to solve mundane problems so that I have more time to work on the important stuff and fewer irritations to mess up my vibration. Ask for help avoiding traffic, finding a good parking spot, getting errands done quickly, whatever. For example, I used to work outdoors and avoiding rain was a big plus. So, I asked for the rain to stop before I arrived at a job site – and it did more times than coincidence would explain. I don’t get consistent results yet, but at this point, I’m settling for tools that provide just enough proof and feedback to keep me on the path and this tool serves that purpose.

Study the book The Astonishing Power of Emotions.

I have come to believe that the biggest hurdle to accessing my innate psychic abilities is my learned habit of not living in the present. I spend a lot of time worrying about the future. I spend just as much time analyzing the past. All that thinking stirs up emotions, mostly negative, and it doesn’t leave much time for living in the present. And I understand that the present is where my higher self lives all the time. This book provided a useful mental framework that explained why I was feeling so bad so often and how those feelings are really just a message from my higher self to guide me back to the present and keep me on my path. The best part is that Abraham gives us practical tools to strengthen this emotional guidance system. Also read Ask And It Is Given for even more tools (called "processes"). More often than not, the tools actually work in the real world – a very rare occurrence in my experience so far.

Get your aura photo taken.

A local psychic named Bobby Sullivan has the knowledge and the equipment to take aura photos. He includes a short reading of the aura, too, for $20 – it’s a bargain. You get a bit of insight and a bit of inspiration, and you come away with an amazing photo you can pin up to remind yourself of your true nature. I’ve crossed paths with him twice so far at a psychic fair and the Edge Life Expo and the photos and my aura changed in interesting ways each time. I’m waiting for the next time!

Visit a psychic or a medium.

This helps me in a few different ways. First, it’s like the difference between going to see a master pianist play Beethoven and just listening to a CD. The live experience inspires and amazes while the CD entertains. Second, my guides typically provide some useful insights and advice. Lastly, I’m reminded that I’m not alone in my quest; I have a lot of friends and family keeping an eye on me from the other side and helping whenever possible.

Be ready to talk yourself out of feelings of envy and frustration that will creep in if you compare your talents to the professional’s. And take the pro’s advice (whatever’s not directly from your guides or loved ones) with a grain of salt – most pros can no longer identify with where beginners are at, so their suggestions often end up more advanced than we can handle.

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