Update: The Roswell Incident


I recently watched a very interesting TV show hosted by Bryant Gumbel on the Sci-Fi Channel called “The Roswell Crash: Starling New Evidence.” This show provided what some believe to be “the smoking gun” of the whole Roswell Incident and the cover-up surrounding it.

Metaphorically speaking, the “smoking gun” is the blown-up text on a document that is being held by Brigadier General Roger Ramey in a very publicized and famous photograph taken in 1947. (View the details at roswellproof.homestead.com)

There’s quite the plethora of information to be found regarding the Roswell Incident – some of which is true, and some of which is not true. But to know the difference is hard enough, let alone to back it up with real evidence. Many of the first-hand witnesses – who are now so old that they don’t care to hide the truth anymore – have come forward to tell stories that appear consistent.

Each of us needs to investigate and assess what we believe based on our own findings, trusted sources, etc. But I think the one thing we can all agree on is that the U.S. Government did cover-up of something – and not just “weather balloons.” My question is: Why? Why the cover-up? Did some powers-that-be think the American public couldn’t handle such knowledge? Was it fear of the Russians during the Cold War? Is there some sort of agreement between our government and an alien race? I don’t know what the reasons are, (and there are many theories around), some or all of which probably have some kernel of the truth in them.

We each need to really investigate on our own, because I’m not trying to tell you that aliens do or do not exist; I leave that up to you to decide for yourself. I think it’s best if we each come to our own conclusions on such things. But I will say this: The universe is far too vast and wide for the human race to be the only living life form, let alone be the only living sentient life form. It’s very, very improbable that we are the only ones – and quite egoistical of ourselves as a species to think that we are the center of life in the universe.

Fear holds humanity back in so many ways, on so many different levels. This is just one of the examples.


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