Write the Script of Your Own Life


As a new year begins, many of us ponder what the future will bring. I encourage you to create your future rather than letting it happen to you. Be the empowered author of your own story!

Experts throughout history have suggested countless exercises and perhaps you have completed many of them, but then felt disappointed with the lack of results. So how can you really be the creator of your destiny?

I believe in the power of creating your own personalized Life Script, a comprehensive design of your life. Then, if you are interested in speeding up the manifestation and belief transformation processes, listening to a self-hypnosis recording of your life’s vision regularly will create lasting changes in your life.

A Life Script is a detailed vision of your future, like a blueprint. You wouldn’t build a house without a plan, so why would you build your life without one? Used effectively, a Life Script not only helps you change your thoughts towards your future, but it will also guide you to intensify your feelings and change your limiting beliefs about what it is you truly desire.

Important tips for writing your script:

• Focus on your goals in all areas of your life (physical body, career, finances, intellect, relationships, and spiritual connections).

• Write your story as if you are living it already, in the present tense.

• Include movement and engage all your senses; walk through your home/ outdoors, what do you see and hear, how does it smell, how do you feel? Make yourself the main character in the visualization.

• Dream big, but make it somewhat realistic so you can believe it is a possibility for you.

The process of writing a Life Script alone will bring opportunities to you because you are essentially changing your focus towards what you desire and away from what is wrong with your life. In fact, one of the greatest benefits of a Life Script takes place during its creation. So many of us are challenged with simply describing what it is that we want. Often we have an easier time coming up with a detailed description of what we do not want, which isn’t a bad place to start; but how can any of us create the life of our dreams if we cannot describe it?

Working with a hypnotherapist who specializes in life scripting makes this undertaking easier. This type of coach will not only help you figure out what you really want, but they will determine what beliefs are creating blocks in your life. Then he/she will embed suggestions into your script to shift these subconscious beliefs so they support you in reaching your dreams. Also, this professional will write and record your script for you. These self-hypnosis recordings allow you to listen to your script in a hypnotic state, making it more powerful and transformative.

The more you read or listen to this script, the more concentrated energy you are putting towards what you want. Then you will be compelled to take action in order to make these things happen for you, become the person you want to be, and to have the life you want to live.

I recommend visualizing your script upon awakening and again before you go to sleep at night. The more frequently you focus concentrated attention on the life you desire, the sooner the dialog in your mind will be in constant support of you and your dreams. Then, your whole life will become what you imagine it can be. By taking control of your life in this way, you will be empowered by your energy shift and thereby use the laws of the Universe to attract to you all that you need to accomplish all of your goals. Opportunities and people who can help will begin to "show up" and your whole attitude will change, knowing you are living on purpose rather than just letting life happen to you.

The key to accomplishing any goal is continuous focus and belief. Make 2009 a year of empowerment; focus on and believe in the life you have always wanted and you will create it!

Best wishes on your journey!


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