Addiction robs you of your Greatness


addiction_0309topic7Besides the obvious physical additions some experience to things like drugs, cigarettes and alcohol, an addiction also can be considered anything that we use on a regular basis to distract us from pursuing our dreams.

Rather than taking the time to go within, get to know ourselves or to do the work we need that will allow us to move forward, often we non-consciously use our addictions as our excuse. Do you choose to habitually watch television, share your dramatizing victim stories, gossip about others, binge eat or use other excuses to avoid being the greatness that you were born to be?

Addictions like these rob you of your power to achieve all of the things you were brought into this world to contribute. If you take your “personal stuff,” like your fears, out of the picture and instead focus on how you can help others or make this world a better place, even if it is in a small way, then you can see how your addictions are essentially hurting all those you are depriving of your greatness!

In her book You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay explains that the probable causes of addiction are fear, running from oneself and not knowing how to love oneself. Once you are able to see how wonderful you are and understand that big things are expected of you, then you will see that your addictions are denying all others of your unique, inborn gifts, abilities and genius.

We are all here on this magnificent earth at this time in history when things are dramatically shifting for a reason. You chose to come here during this period. As a result, you have some choices. You can choose to be the victim of circumstances, letting things happen to you, feeling like everything is out of your control. Or, you can take control over some things in your life, such as your fears and addictions, feeling empowered, knowing that you are worth it! Deciding to binge eat, watch TV night after night or drink a few glasses of alcohol just to numb out your feelings only delays the inevitable. Eventually you will need to deal with your life and circumstances, and the longer you let your addictions control you, the more challenging it can be to let them go.

Try to spend one evening alone without your addictions. Sometimes you need to let something go to be open to something better. Let go of your distractions and instead focus on your needs today. Once you can commit to this evening alone, then try these ideas:

  • Make a list of the obstacles that are blocking your path to greatness. Jot down ideas for how to remove each obstacle so you can move forward. Think about what needs your attention now. Perhaps there are some things that need to be taken care of first to lay a foundation for working on your ultimate goals.
  • Write about the greatness you can bring to the world. How can you serve others? Don’t overlook the small things, like helping the older woman who lives next door carry in her groceries. Everything you put on your list will encourage you to think of the value you can bring to the world. When writing about your big ideas or dreams, include what value your goals will have on everyone you touch. These goals will bring out your greatness. This exercise helps to eliminate any fears that may be holding you back from pursuing your dreams.
  • Once you have done this, reflect on the experience. How did it feel to spend time with yourself, not being prey to that which controls you? Did you feel empowered? More in charge of your life? Where is it headed?

Being able to feel your value – and how much more worthwhile your time is spent when you are focusing outside of yourself – is invaluable in letting go of those things we use to distract us from our dreams. Move forward in life! Stop making excuses and instead empower yourself to show the world your greatness!

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