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Jim Self walks between two worlds. He has succeeded in the world of the third dimension, serving on the San Jose (CA) City Council and as vice mayor, nearly embarking upon what could have become a national political career, advising the U.S. Department of Energy under President Jimmy Carter, and leading as an entrepreneur, building and selling two corporations and sitting as board chairman of a third. He also works on other levels as an international speaker and author, leading seminars and teaching healing, clairvoyance and personal energy management courses.

The founder of Mastering Alchemy, Jim Self has relationships with the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Teachers of Light, and that connection has led to the Mastering Alchemy programs to help awaken us to the truth about who we truly are as spiritual beings.

Jim Self returns to the Twin Cities April 13-19 to lead free local evening classes and the weekend seminar “Creating the Personal Power Field.” He spoke with The Edge about what is taking place energetically on the planet and how Mastering Alchemy plays a role in helping people make the transition through the change.

Nearly everyone feels the effects of change in his or her life right now. What is taking place?
Jim Self:
There’s an increase of consciousness. We have been experiencing ourselves in various realms of consciousness, levels of experience, dimensions, and all with the purpose of providing a reflection of the Creator back to Itself. In this aspect where we have been playing, in this part of the game, we have been extraordinarily successful – however the only one who does not know it is us.

In this third dimension, what we call reality, we have been experiencing ourselves in a field of contrast. We came into this realm of consciousness to more fine tune ourselves and maneuver through contrasts – up and down, small and large, hot and cold.

As we participated in the contrast, there was a point in the game, and it was not very long ago, where some began to…how do I want to say this…take advantage of contrast, structuring it in terms of good and bad, right and wrong, and should and shouldn’t. We have played in that now for some period of time, pretty much since the Atlantean period, and in that aspect of contrast we have experienced every possibility of right and wrong and good and bad, and we have been extremely successful in creating reflection.

Now, because we have been that successful, it’s no longer necessary to play in this part of the game, and so we are shifting back into a place of being fully conscious. You see, when we came to this game we had to forget ourselves. We had to take ourselves apart and leave the full consciousness of ourselves behind in order to come here and not know ourselves, in order to play the game of contrast.

We have been successful, and so now this shifting of consciousness is such that we are simply awakening, remembering, realigning ourselves with that which we are, and this is the shift of consciousness we are experiencing very rapidly. We are beginning to remember very rapidly.

Rather than all of us individually experiencing this whole process, we are doing so collectively?
Yeah, oh, absolutely. Collectively is what we are experiencing. And, each one of us is a unique spark of the Creator with its own uniqueness, and that uniqueness is what makes us absolutely wonderful.

So, how does an individual awaken consciously? What if someone is still seeing himself in the game and wants out?
Let me think how to answer that. I’ve got a long answer, but I’ll give you a shorter answer. In simple terms, there are two waves of light, of consciousness, higher waves of light that are moving through us. That’s actually not accurate. There are many, many waves, but two for this purpose.

One of the waves of light is simply beginning to harmonize the thought and emotional aspects of us that are not in alignment with the light. We are experiencing that in different ways. Many people are experiencing time going faster, and many also are experiencing a loss of memory. We are simply not remembering, in real terms, who we are not. As the “who we are not” is falling away, we simply don’t remember that aspect of us. That’s why we have a sense of losing memory.

At the same time, there is a second wave of light that is moving through us that is realigning and harmonizing the core of us, and it is increasing knowledge and wisdom. It’s simply having you remember yourself.

And so, there is a conflict in the consciousness of many people right now, because all want to go home, and yet many are losing their reference points. They are relying upon their third-dimensional, rational mind to try to make sense of what is unfolding – and the third-dimensional rational mind has no information about this unfolding. People are relying upon their past and what they think their future should be, and at the same time their past and future is dissolving right around them.

We are all being moved into present time, and present time is a fourth-dimensional aspect of time that simply puts us right now. When you get into “right now,” you simply get to observe what is around you. If you can recognize that your past is a set of information, and if you can separate the emotion of the past, you get to view the information in present time and make a decision of how you would like to experience yourself.

Many people only understand this the way they always have, by looking at their past, by coupling it with the emotion of their past: “I didn’t like this. They didn’t like me. I’m not okay. I didn’t fit. I’m never going to succeed. I have to be in competition with others to get ahead.”

The only place you can experience emotion is right now. There is no emotion in the past. There is no past and there is no future. All you have is right now. When you couple the emotion of the past and treat it as if that’s where you are right now, all you do is replicate a set of feelings and demonstrate them right now, and usually that is a demonstration of lesser.

As people begin to wake up and realize they are big, they are capable, they are significant, and that they can determine their reality by choosing versus reacting right now, they can separate their emotion and their history and make better choices about what is possible.

What personal responsibility is involved in this process – and what is the relationship of the ego to this process?
Let me define ego in a way that most do not. When we were created, we were actually created through the soul. Now I didn’t say the soul created us – although I will tell you that on a bigger version – but right here for the purpose of this, we were created through a reflection of a consciousness that we call soul.

Each of us has a spiritual personality created through the soul. We have a lesson, a commitment and a contract with the soul so that the soul can experience itself to the fullest. You are an extension of the soul.

In that context, the soul also gave us a really remarkable tool or co-creative aspect that we call ego. The purpose of the ego was simply to test our mastery – in the most wonderful of ways, not a conflicting way. The soul basically said, “Go out and have this experience and master this experience.”

So, we went into an experience, the third dimension in this case, and we began to understand contrast. We began to understand hot and cold, and up and down, and in the process of the mastery we would get to a point where we would simply say, “I got it. I think I understand it.” And at that point, the ego would come into the play with a great range of knowledge and awareness. It didn’t forget. It would simply create a test, an opportunity to demonstrate mastery – and we would demonstrate it or not, we would go “I got it” or “I don’t have it.”

Then the soul would create another aspect of the test, and we would walk in that aspect for a while and try out our perfection of mastery on that context of the lesson. That process would go on and on, and at some point we would be masterful at that task, and the soul and the ego and you would feel good.

“Good, I succeeded!” And the test would no longer be there, because you accomplished this level of mastery and perfection, a reflection of the Creator, and you would go on to another aspect of the lesson.

But when the…I’m going to lightly call it…the Fall of Consciousness occurred, the ego got very much involved in trying to understand what happened, and it got very wounded, very damaged and became very caught up in the reactionary aspect of the third dimension.

It becomes part of our responsibility in our growth right now, as we start to operate in present time, to get the attention of the soul when we start to step out of reaction and into choice and observation.

During this energy transformation that we all are experiencing, the soul is beginning to operate more fully with people who choose in the body to use the soul – and between you and the soul, the ego is beginning to be healed.

What is the Higher Mind in relationship with the soul?
Let me make a distinction. There is a Higher Mind and there is a Higher Self.

The Higher Self is the highest aspect of consciousness that you can walk around in in this third and fourth-dimensional reality that we experience. It’s a level of mastery that is very aligned. As people are waking up, the integration of the Higher Self as part of the consciousness is becoming very available to many.

The Higher Mind is an aspect of the soul that is very accessible. In the work with Mastering Alchemy, we move your awareness into the Higher Mind, allowing you to observe and then choose and then act on your best interest – as you observe all the noise of the third dimension in motion. The Higher Mind is a place, an intention, an awareness.

It’s the point where you begin to merge with the soul, and very quickly, as you begin to operate within the Higher Mind, the soul begins to move into the heart, and you and the soul begin to expand the journey.

That’s happening right now to everybody, if they will choose.

And the Mastering Alchemy program is designed to help us through this process?
The Mastering Alchemy program is a co-creation with the Archangels and many beings of light to set a path in motion that many can begin to walk very specifically, with specific understandings all along the way, very easily. It is a pathway through this ascension, and it’s an experiment – and we are the experiment.

Is it a specific pathway separate from other paths that people can choose during this awakening process?
No, it’s not a philosophy. It’s not, “This is the answer.” It’s simply a set of tools and processes and skills of awareness that allow you to perceive from the Higher Mind, from the heart, and choose your experience on this journey back to the heart of God. It’s simply a series of choices that allow you to align in the light and step out of the chaos of the two waves of light, one stripping away your reference points, and the other one beginning to create a platform that you stand on to make choice.

And without programs like this, is it just a slower process of awakening for people?
No, everybody is awakening. The Alchemy class program creates a platform to be able to observe outside of fear, and it gives you choices to step out of the way of the chaos from a conscious understanding. You can choose to continue to stand on that train track and watch the train come at you, or you could simply, in present time, say, “I think I’ll just step to the side.” In the majority, the Mass Consciousness is not waking up fast enough to make that choice, and so they are still in the fear of the unknown of this shift, but they are waking up tremendously.

For somebody who has not thought about the idea of shifting out of the third dimension, why should they be interested in learning more about that?
Whether they are thinking about it or not, they are experiencing the effect.

It’s as if you were watching the dawning of a day. At the beginning point, a person will feel something, and yet there will still be darkness all around, and yet, something just changed. And then, as the dawning unfolds there is a little more light. It’s imperceptible minute-by-minute, second-by-second, and yet it is continuous, it’s unfolding.

In the last few years, this shift has been clearing and operating in the spiritual and the mental bodies. And then about 2007 it dropped into the mental and emotional bodies. If people were being conscious, there was a sensation that even though there is wealth and abundance and all of this expansion, something was not correct, something wasn’t right. Then in 2008 it dropped into the emotional and physical part of reality, and we are experiencing it now in our physical reality, in terms of the housing crisis, the financial crisis, all of the aspects of consciousness that we see physically in front of us. We also feel it emotionally.

The level of physicalness and emotionalness that we have tied to in the third dimension is dissolving. It’s not being destroyed; it’s simply going away.

I ask people, “Can you name one institutional structure in the reality that we play in that nurtures, uplifts and supports the citizenry with love? Medical, educational, judicial, governmental, etc.?”

No one names one. And so the question then is, “Would you like to go back to that?” Nobody wants to go back to where we have been. There is a going forward, and everything that we know is being transformed. There will be a new medical system that will be nurturing and supporting of the citizens, and the same with education. It’s all transforming, and that’s where we are now.

But people only know what they know, and they don’t know what they don’t know. People are losing their reference points, and they are in fear.

Part of the Mastering Alchemy program is simply to say, “Look, there are two waves of light. You are losing your memory. You are also starting to feel opportunity.”

For example, in this last election there was a massive wave of hope. People who identified with it and felt it said, “Yes, we can!” That “Yes, we can!” is the transformation. It’s a place that we are stepping into. It’s a place in the heart where everybody wants to be in love. We are becoming that way, but there are still a number of steps in transition of letting go of the old.

In your video, you say that Mastering Alchemy is not for people who are just dabbling in spirituality, that there is a commitment involved.
Yes. The commitment is that you have value, you have worth, you have possibility, and you are going to choose to step into taking on a level of maturity and choice, rather than being the effect of the winds of the third-dimensional reality that we have grown up with. It’s not hard, but it is a shift from mentally thinking you know something to becoming it.

For example: I ask you to find the feeling of “certainty.” It’s a feeling, a presence, within us. It’s the demonstration of a vibration. And yet many will say, “Oh, yeah, I know what certainty is.” That’s an intellectual response.

But when you close your eyes and you simply find the feeling of certainty, you begin to create an aspect of this platform where you create choice. You start to find who you really are in the heart by being certain and capable and gracious, by simply holding a presence, without apologizing. That’s the structuring of the platform that we make decisions from. But if you can’t make that choice, then you are going to be buffeted by the winds of the third dimension.

That’s when I say, “You have to step up.” All want to step up, and yet many are afraid. The purpose of the Alchemy program is to simply hold your hand, to simply say, “You can. It’s possible. Just simply trust yourself.”

What do people who go through the program experience?
My observation is there is a realignment with the light. They begin to get less noisy. They become less reactionary. They start to get more quiet within themselves, and are able to observe in an alignment with light and consciousness in a way that is nurturing and supportive.

You talked about anchoring with the soul and the heart, knowing what the soul knows. Through this process, do you step into living from the soul?
The soul is an aspect of consciousness that is vast. The soul wished to know itself in the same manner that the Creator wished to know Itself, and so through the soul there were 12 expressions of creation brought about. You and I are one of those expressions of creation.

So, the soul is not something that you can know within the intellectualness of this third dimension.
That’s very correct. The soul really is like a family. The Creator created an aspect, and it took a piece of itself and broke it into an infinite number of parts and sent it out and said, “Reflect back to Me what I am.” And then those parts broke themselves into more parts, and that expansion continued to the point of the soul – and through the expression of the soul we were created, in the image of the Creator.

When we get to this point of the evolution in which where we are beginning to be more conscious, as we ask to return to the heart of God, you get the attention very clearly of the soul. You begin to merge with the soul and know the information of the soul, the purpose of the lesson, the contracts, the commitments that were set in motion through your creation. And the soul begins to integrate into the cellular structure, into the conscious structure of each one of us – and so you merge with the soul.

One of the great parts of this expansion is that as you forget who you are not, you begin to remember who you are. And the funny part is, as you remember, you don’t remember that you ever were not this. It’s waking up from a dream as we do, and then all of a sudden going, “Oh, that was interesting, but here I am.”

We simply become one with the soul, and it’s happening to everyone. Everyone is going through this ascension process. Some will do it right up to the point of the shift and they simply will go through the shift, and others will not make it to that point.

As the light comes into the body, the wiring has to be stepped up with capacity to hold greater levels of light. Many in their fear are arguing for their limitations, and so they will grow to a certain point and then the next wave of light that comes in will simply be too much. Many beings will say, “I am going to step out of the body and go to the finish line and go home and root everybody else who’s working through the letting go of what they aren’t to recognize what they are.”

And when I say that, I say it very softly. I don’t say it as, “You know many are going to die.” Death is not what we think it is. It’s very, very different, and as you become conscious death begins to be a very differently understood process.

And tell me about your personal process in teaching this. Is this your purpose?

When did you become aware of your purpose, consciously?
When everybody else chose to forget when they came into the body, I didn’t forget a lot. I was different, and I never fit in.

A major point in my life was when I was elected Vice Mayor of the city of San Jose in politics. I had a point where I was ready to be the Mayor of San Jose, and it was painful. It was exactly what I wanted, and I was very clear of the path it would have led me on, which would have been quite an extraordinary political path.

But the closer I got to the point of finally saying, “I’m running,” the more pain I was in. The pain was both in the heart and in the third chakra. Fortunately there was a moment of opportunity where I could gracefully say, “I can’t take this path.” At that moment there was a great shift.

In about the year 2000, I found myself in my sleep space amongst the angels and sitting at tables and having conversations as normally as you would in your daytime space. And then, at one point, somebody turned to one of the beings sitting at the table and said, “And Metatron, what do you think?”

And it was a huge awakening, because all the Archangels were here, many beings of light, and I realized that I am sitting at the same table with all of these. It was really pretty much through that process that it became very clear: “Here’s what is required.”

Jim Self will present free local evening classes and the weekend seminar “Creating the Personal Power Field” April 13-19 in the Twin Cities. For more information, visit or call 775.851.8950.



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