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cover_0309Congratulations on your “new” Edge endeavor! We wish you…the very best as you go forward with The Edge: Soul of the Cities. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with your publication as you chart your course through these changing times. – Sharmaine Wittsack, Temple of Eck/Eckankar

I am thrilled that ownership is staying with “insiders” who have added so much value to this publication for many years. The quality of the magazine continues to improve year after year…. – Robert Christensen, founder of Infinite Health and moderator of the Minnesota Health Care Roundtable

I wish you the absolute best. What a great time to be stepping into this with all the changes in the world. – Gina Citoli, Prescott, WI

It seems like the tag line “Soul Of The Cities” excludes us outside the cities. Like it is not meant for us and this will most likely be our last year to subscribe. After all…there is a Holistic Fair in Fargo and also Iowa. Thanks for listening to me. – Maxine Fagerland, Fargo, ND

Editor: Maxine, our new tagline is absolutely not intended to ignore some readers and favor others. Cities exist across the nation. Fargo is a City. Des Moines is a City. Cities exist in Germany, Taiwan and Australia. While more than 95 percent of our magazines are distributed and read in the Twin Cities, and nearly 100 percent of our advertising comes from the Twin Cities – we are a Twin Cities publication – but we serve people in Cities and Towns and Hamlets everywhere. The “Cities” may represent where we are physically located, but our soul is interconnected with every single person who reads our publication, and those who do not. We are not going to be distributing in Des Moines beginning in March, due to our small budget. We have had to cut our print size, distribution size and our staff size in order to keep this magazine alive. However, we are going to introduce a digital magazine on our website beginning in March so everyone, worldwide, can read the magazine just as if they are holding it in their hands. We hope that if you can no longer subscribe, you will continue reading us online.

We welcome feedback from our readers at [email protected]. Include your name, address and daytime phone number. Letters may be edited for clarity or length. We do not guarantee their publication.

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