Soul of an Addict

addiction_0309topicOn July 17, 2007, John Poulos died in a hospital room surrounded by strangers. He blew a .38 when he arrived at the hospital. His blood-alcohol level was four times the legal limit.  John was a handsome, charismatic and charming 38-year-old alcoholic. John was my nephew. I was the last call on his cell phone before he called the hospital for an ambulance.

John’s death inspired a book entitled, The Soul of an Addict, which contains “The 7 Spiritual Steps to Sobriety.” As a recovered alcoholic and drug addict, and recovering co-dependent, I have spent more than 15 years working with addicts. Although I tried many times to help John overcome his addiction, I could not reach him. No traditional recovery models, step programs or treatment centers had the tools to help John overcome addiction.

Only through John’s death did I find the spiritual awareness to channel an intuitive, alternative recovery model to help addicts – and those involved in the life of an addict. John’s soul has found a way to do something his ego was not capable of doing when he was experiencing his physical journey. It has found a way to let the power of its healing light touch the lives of those who are still struggling in the darkness of addiction.

Although traditional recovery programs can be a spiritual journey for many people, some of the most enlightened addicts need something deeper, something that will awaken the voice of the soul – the “Third Voice.” The “Third Voice” is the interpreter for a “Divine Power” that is constantly trying to reach us through our intuition. Making a deep and meaningful connection with this voice is the key to accessing the Divine Wisdom that will lead us out of the darkness of addiction and into the light of our spiritual awakening.

Addiction comes in many forms, from watching too much TV to smoking meth. Behavioral addictions can be as devastating as chemical addictions. Food addictions such as overeating and anorexia, shopping, gambling and codependent personal relationships can destroy our spiritual progress as fast as alcohol and other drugs. Our culture is buried in technology, and a new and powerful attachment to computers is driving internet sex addiction to epidemic proportions. All addiction leads to the same revelation: There is a hole in our soul that is starving to be filled with spiritual attunement, and we are filling that hole with everything we can to anesthetize the pain from our past, the fear of our present, and the uncertainty of our future.

In the drowning noise and chaos, the still and powerful “Third Voice” is calling for us to awaken to our personal truth. The “Soul of an Addict” and “The 7 Spiritual Steps to Sobriety” is a program focusing on empowering individuals with the tools to overcome addiction by taking specific steps to awaken an intuitive connection with the “Third Voice.”

The voice of the addict constantly tells us why we will fail. It breeds weakness and renders us powerless by reminding us of our past pain. It must keep us in pain to survive, for without the pain it has no allies to force us to act on our addiction. This voice is relentless and silence is its enemy.

The “Third Voice” is the wise, knowing, empowering “Voice of the Soul.” It will save your life if you will listen. This voice knows the dangers of our addiction and the dangers of loving an addict. It is the voice that tells us when to stop, when to quit, when to run, when to stay, when to have courage and when to surrender.

The “Third Voice” can be called many things – intuition, gut feeling, the still small voice, the inner self, the higher self or a myriad of other definitions that represent some kind of inner wisdom and internal dialogue that is beyond our limited human consciousness.

Although Soul of an Addict and “The 7 Spiritual Steps to Sobriety” were intuitively channeled, the core of the message of this spiritual recovery program, is that everyone has the ability to intuitively channel Divine Wisdom from a Divine Source. The entire project, including the SOA (Soul of an Addict) Sunday support meeting, is devoted to teaching anyone dealing with chemical or behavior addictions, and those involved in unhealthy codependent relationships, how to channel their own “Third Voice.”

Ultimately, every human being has the ability to gain intuitive awareness and wisdom without the need of a medium. Although I would personally be considered a medium, it is my desire to empower each Soul, especially the Soul of an Addict, with the ability to access intuitive wisdom without any interpreter except for their own “Third Voice.”

Soul of an Addict and “The 7 Spiritual Steps to Sobriety” is about empowerment, because the “Third Voice” is the interpreter for a Divine Power – and Divine Power is anything but powerless. While addicts or co-dependents are engaged in negative behaviors, their lives are powerless, because they have no connection with their Divine potential. The moment the choice is made to align with the “Third Voice,” the commitment to change occurs, and the behaviors stop, and the concept of powerlessness becomes obsolete.

How can we be powerless if God, however we choose to define God, is the life force that is guiding our lives?

The moment we dedicate our lives to aligning with the “Third Voice,” the voice of the addict will lose its power. Choosing to disengage from the distractions of technology and devoting time to listening to the “Voice of the Soul” is the first step in aligning with its guidance. Learning to channel the wisdom of the “Third Voice” will silence the voice of the addict and we will finally discover the true path to our personal destiny, free of addiction, empowered by Spirit. The “Third Voice” will become our constant companion on the journey to enlightenment.


  1. Your writing is truly wonderful and the wisdom that you impart is very moving and absolutely divine. Thank you for being a wonderful instrument of spirit and for connecting so beautifuuly with YOUR third voice. Thank you also to the edge for including such important work in your publication. Peace.

  2. BRAVO to The Edge and Lenni Garin for being brave enough to step outside the box of the “traditional” 12 step programs and teach those who want to learn about how to contect with your higher power, its talked about so much in traditional 12 step programs, but no one teaches you how to conect, so when you cant you feel like once agin you have failed and lord knows addicts spend a like time feeling like they can never get it right. Lenni gives you the tools and teaches you how to make that conection to your soul and voice inside directing your life. So once agian BRAVO to her and to the Edge for the aritcle. Lisa M.

  3. Lenni zeros in on what anyone who has let their life spiral out of control needs to make that first step on the path to peace and direction. It’s not an overnight cure but a step by step guide to regaining what was lost somewhere along life’s way. Even if a person has no addictions, her words are a guide to opening the door to their own divine direction.

    Thanks, Lenni.

    Lyne G

  4. I enjoy the “real” feeling that Ms. Garin emulates through her writing style. The fact she has real life experience hits home to me.


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