Now we begin…in earnest

miejanEvery sunrise is the start of a new day. And every single moment is a new beginning. Something goes wrong at the office…breathe. Clear the air. Begin anew. Bad feelings or thoughts start to bring you down…breathe. Focus on something positive. Begin your day from this moment forward. Something not working at The Edge magazine…breathe. Change ownership. Create something new. That is what we did.

Before I begin, let me clear up some frequently asked questions posed this past month to my co-publisher, Cathy Jacobsen, and me:

Are you still doing the Edge Expos?
No. We are the new owners of The Edge magazine, and our new website

Are you still connected with Edge Life and Gary Beckman?
No. We are two separate entities. Gary is still producing the Edge Life Expos & Events, and each month as The Edge LLC, we bring you The Edge magazine and its website.

Is The Edge magazine going to create expos?
No. We intend to do what we do best, and that is to bring you the best holistic magazine possible each month. We’ll let those who choose to create expos do that. On occasion, we will sponsor expos that are aligned with our vision.

What is the vision of The Edge?
As soon as Cathy and I bought The Edge, we quickly agreed that our focus would be to serve the community in new, creative ways so that the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Yes, we would be creating a monthly magazine to spotlight new ideas and opportunities so our community would not only heal, but thrive. We began by lowering prices for advertising so the holistic community could better afford to be seen in our monthly publication. We began by introducing several new columnists (noted Astrologer Moonrabbit begins next month) and by clarifying the content we want to share.

We created a more streamlined, new website here at that not only reflects our vision, but yours. We created an online home where readers can comment on articles and begin the dialogue on ideas that our contributors are sharing. And in the coming months, we will refine the distribution of the printed magazine so it is getting into the hands of those who really want to see it.

However, redesigning and reintroducing The Edge to the community is not the real work. That begins when the holistic community begins to recognize itself, embrace itself and begin to co-create within itself for the greater good of all. The Edge magazine ultimately is committed to supporting that.

Know that as Cathy and I continue to put out magazine after magazine, and do what we can to support you, our greater vision is to find ways to be in collaboration with you so that new ideas and experiences can be shared with the greater community. And we encourage you to dream of ways to work in partnership with others to bring a more rich experience of living to one and all.



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