“Strange fascination, fascinating me
Ah changes are taking the pace I’m going through”

So I turned myself to face me…
Just gonna have to be a different man” – David Bowie, excerpts from “Changes”

Oh, man are we going through some stuff as deep, rapid, fundamental changes demand our attention. Did I mention relentless? You’re probably not so surprised because we’ve been talking about these things for years, but your experience might be different than imagined. I’ll bet you didn’t know how much fear was programmed into your system until it started coming out.

Why is this transition to a more desirable experience so challenging? Perhaps because we continue to bump up against the places where we have become crystallized. We have this vast creation that continually changes form and a soul path that is part of a very long story, yet somehow we manage to get so absorbed with a version of reality that we grip onto it like nothing else exists. Life zigs while we zag, and we decide Life is the problem. Seems, well, delusional. Like an addiction, we stay attached to something that is not in our best interest, unwilling to explore the binding that lurks under the surface of awareness. This is the basic fear of letting go.

Considering our experiences in lifetimes of duality-based experiences, I completely understand how fear injected us with patterns of disfunction. In techie-speak I might call these patterns plug-ins. As Duality dissolves and we install our new programs, those old plug-ins only serve to crash the system. They must be uninstalled. Right now there are a ton of plug-ins being uninstalled, so if you’re tired and feel a bit stuck in place at the moment, know that something happening at another level needs your energy.

Minds are also challenged by this transition. We can’t think our way through it, which is a bit of an issue when minds have assumed they can control outcomes. They don’t, but the illusion that they do is powerful. That illusion also is melting down along with everything else unreal; often the main impediment to change is the mind’s reluctance to let go.

As I see it, the dissolution of our own “plug-ins” is the process calling for attention. What is taking place in the outer world is just demonstrating the same dissolution elsewhere. My advice? Do what is yours to do. You have a good deal of support, and so does everybody else.

The old story does not want to die, and it will do everything it can to keep you bound. Fear is the mechanism employed to bind, while self-distraction is the habit of avoiding the fear. Where your attention is will inform you whether you are facing and releasing the fears – or keeping yourself otherwise occupied. Are you enmeshed in the drama of the outside world, or are you immersed in your process of transformation? If you have ever left a relationship that you knew wasn’t a match for you after much futility of trying to make it work, you have awareness of the challenges of making a choice to move beyond what you have known.

There is an amping up of Duality as it seeks to remain viable. “New agers” are not exempt from turning their focus away from their own processes and being drawn into one drama or another. The clue? When attention shifts to something external that must be fixed or exposed, or something external that promises salvation. Yes, we are sometimes called to assist this transformation on behalf of the whole, but that guidance comes from within and the process unfolds organically. For me, the presence of an agenda is usually a red flag.

Despite the turmoil in a world being challenged to re-imagine itself, I remain quite at peace and confident that this process of change will be short-lived on the scale of human transitions. I also feel fully supported by beings of heaven and earth. If my mind ever rises up in protest, I use a little self-talk based on what I have learned about the bigger story. It might go something like this:

The planet is alive and embodied by a magnificent being of consciousness. She and those who assist Her are facilitating and informing the process.

Some aspects of consciousness took dominance during the reign of duality. By design, that dominance is not possible in the new reality.

Illusions are dissolving, including the money trance.

Money is not a substitute for life. Everything real exists without it.

Fear shifts the focus to something external demanding your attention. Deal with the fear, not the externalization.

Recreation is re-creation. Recreate.

Turning within is vital. Pay attention.

We are here by choice at this time. Remember why you chose.

Breathe. All is well.


  1. Chris loved your column this month and as someone who has uninstalled more plug-ins than I care to recall, your analogies were fitting to help explain what’s really going on on personal levels.

  2. Chris

    Thanks for sharing your insights especially about money and fear, your message was very timely for me so now I will focus on dealing with the fear and not the externalization of the fear. Here’s to uninstalling the old plug-in’s that never worked anyway!


  3. Dear Chris, Loved your clear discription of the change that is occuring it was very affirming.

    I have one thing I would like to respond to that is your last statement about money.

    Illusions are dissolving, including the money trance.

    Money is not a substitute for life. Everything real exists without it.

    This is true and money is a resource like food and air, that supports life. Flow provides all the resources we need. We can access flow easier if we allow it, love ourselves enough to know we can have it and have gratitude for what is given freely. WE all have a right to thrive and prosper. Believing in this right helps allow it to be. Being good stewarts of this resource and loving ourselves enough to allow flow to freely provide the resources we want and need in our lives, supports this flow . It is not to be feared or loved just allowed to be, as it is useful. Love your work, thank you for sharing. Blessings GayleRose Martinez


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