Coping with change

featured_small_04094In early 2008, I decided to make the choice to retire from my day job. My plan was to do so at the end of 2009. I have been a social worker for 35 years, and although social work has been good to me – and hopefully, I to it – let’s face it: 35 years is long enough. Then, somewhere in 2008, the “economic downturn” happened, with its far-reaching effects on the nation, the state, and, of course, my job. A great deal of what I like to call “the sky is falling” energy. Suddenly, my choice to retire from a job with an adequate salary, and decent health benefits, didn’t seem as desirable.

I started to change my focus. I started to give my attention to the catastrophic thinking that is attached to the situation.

But how long have we known that something of this nature is in the wind? Way back in the 1960s, the 5th Dimension started to sing to us about the Age of Aquarius (“Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In”). I know because I was going to college at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC; on my way to and from Goldsboro and Greenville, I used to sing along and try to hit the high notes. The 5th Dimension did not elaborate, but moving into the Age of Aquarius means moving out of the Age of Pisces. Piscean energy can be dualistic in its expression, with an emphasis on opposites: good vs. bad, right vs. wrong, me vs. you. Aquarian Energy is revolutionary energy with a strong humanistic component.

Then we have the Mayan Calendar, which begins in the year 3115 BCE and ends in the year 2012 CE. The time of the beginning of the Mayan Calendar correlates, roughly, to the “dawn of civilization.” This was a time when alphabets and writing, as well as organized agriculture, were making their appearance on Earth. The Mayan Calendar appears to describe the vibrations of the energies that determined evolution of human consciousness. Those who embrace catastrophic thinking put energy into describing end time scenarios. However, the calendar ends at 2012 because we are now moving into a radically different energy vibration that is related to the evolution of human consciousness.

Radical and revolutionary. We all want to change the world. Is there such a thing as peaceful revolution? Not all growth comes with pain, of course, but some does. A shift in Universal Energy this significant, this radical, this revolutionary, is going to cause discomfort. It will often be deeply unpleasant. Sometimes it will be deeply painful.

The holocaust of World War II was a terrible thing. It wasn’t until after the war that the world began to understand what a terrible thing it was. More than 12 million people were murdered for reasons of race, creed, politics, and lifestyle or ability, alone. Between 50 to 70 million people died altogether. Following this war, in Nuremberg, Germany, the International Military Tribunal brought legal proceedings against those accused of war crimes. As the horror unfolded, many in the world began to say “never again.” Never again would atrocities of this nature be allowed. Of course, the world was not able, or willing, to follow through with this, and so atrocities continue to occur. However, there was a subtle, yet significant shift in human consciousness as it relates to human rights, following the holocaust of World War II.

And so, as much as it pains me personally, and as much as it throws my thinking and my plans into disarray, I believe that what is happening in our civilization and in our world has been foretold and is necessary. World energy is being raised to a higher vibration, to a place where awareness of the sanctity of life becomes more important than the current sanctity of “stuff.” The old structures must be, and are being, rearranged, recalibrated and renewed. Some of our political and economic structures will fail and disappear; some will experience a metamorphosis so profound as to be unrecognizable when compared to their current expression. Some will stay in a similar expression.

As for me? I will keep my eyes wide open and wait to see what I will be called upon to be and to do.



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