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featured_small_04096Feeling abundant in today’s economy may be challenging when a majority of the population, including the media, is filled with negative outlooks regarding the uncertain financial future of the United States. This negative attention and focus can trigger overwhelming feelings that can cause us to feel out of control. It is important to remind ourselves that periods of intense change always create the space for new beginnings and pathways to be formed. This is yet another opportunity for personal growth and self-transformation.

One unchanging and constant fact is this: The only thing a person can control is the way he or she personally responds and reacts to events and situations that occur outside of the self. Consciously focusing our thoughts on the positive aspects of every experience, long-term goals and the inner abundance of source will keep one feeling the inherent freedom that is our natural birthright.

To attract abundance, we must first find a way to think and feel abundant in the present moment. Although it does take a certain degree of disciplined effort, mastering this mindset can be easy and fun to do. All that is required is a shift of focus. Maintaining focus on the positive aspects in every experience and seeking the inherent beauty in all things will allow us to feel and recognize the abundance of resources already present in our lives. Sounds easy? It is.

The following are a few simple tips to assist in shifting your focus to recognize the boundless abundance that you already possess.

  • First things first, reduce your amount of exposure to the media. Limiting the amount of time one listens and watches the news will help to keep focus on what really matters; your positive state of mind and overall feelings of well-being. Although it is important to stay tuned into current events, the more one listens to the programming, the easier it is to focus on it. The news mainly keeps a person tuned in and focused on the negative aspects. Reduce your exposure.
  • Clearly state your intentions. This is a time of change and reform that is creating an abundance of new opportunities. Make use of this time to seek out experiences in life that positively impact you and make you feel good. Deliberate setting of intentions instantly launches thought in a desired direction. Set intentions to prosper, to thrive and to attract and discover work that inspires passion. Intention setting empowers a person to feel in control of the way they respond to circumstances and incites productive actions. Declaring positive statements lifts one to the belief that achieving fulfillment of their deepest dreams is achievable. This is the necessary fuel that transforms dreams into a reality. Move forward by setting positive intentions.
  • Actively seek out abundance in simple things. Look for and recognize abundance in and around your environment. Abundance is defined as anything in which there is more than enough of. Discovering abundance in the simple things cultivates a master mindset that will ultimately serve to attract more desired experiences of having more than enough. Think abundantly, confirm the abundance already present in your reality and generate feelings of abundance from within. Remaining disciplined in these actions will allow one to capture the essence of abundance. Experiencing the essence of abundance is the ultimate key to allowing it to flow more freely into one’s life. This is the Law of Attraction in action.
  • Be thankful for all things and experiences that are already present in your reality. An attitude of gratitude expands your focus to embrace all the positive aspects already taking place in your life.

This planet is filled with an abundant amount of resources. The most abundant resource available to each and every one of us is the creative source of our minds from which all thought, idea and inspiration are created. The way we think, feel and choose to perceive the world can open the doors to abundance and attract everything we need in order to survive. The time is now! Seek the inherent beauty and positive aspect in every experience. As one maintains this discipline, abundance is already present!



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