Faith and Courage in Changing Times


featured_small_04099Comets are known to be harbingers of change. The comet Lulin has been making an appearance to us on Earth. With a green, gaseous atmosphere, its symbology speaks to the heart as we begin to lead with our hearts, choosing that which supports the whole, not just the few. By leading with our hearts, we can merge opposing forces, and peace and cooperation can become the foundation for the new.

In mid-February the comet was conjoining Saturn and opposing Uranus. Both of these planets are important, as they continue to oppose each other throughout 2008-2010, creating a pull between the old ways and the new, all the while encouraging the wise use of discipline and moderation as we rapidly transition into the new.

I find this interesting, as I have an inner planes connection (and an ordinary reality one as well) with a man halfway across the world. He embodies the essence of Saturn (wise, responsible, disciplined) and I embody the essence of the planet Uranus (sudden change, new thoughts at lightning speed, intuition). We have had an amazing and miraculous long-distance relationship, which has led to great change for both of us. We have come to know and understand some great differences in our backgrounds and experience. There have been so many spiritual gifts and lessons throughout our connection, that I plan to write a book about it.

Recently my guidance informed me that because our Divine Selves (my friend’s and my own) have merged as one, we are assisting the planet by having laid the energetic pathway of the joining and cooperation among these opposing forces (the Saturn, Uranus opposition). The end result will be the unification and opening into Oneness, from diverging spectrums of experience; using the best each of these planets (energies) has to offer, on the way towards resolution.

I find it most important at this time that we each realize that we are connected in Oneness, through the “field” that many physicists write about. This field contains all of the thoughts from every person on earth. And when many of us are thinking the same thing, these thoughts become the dominant consciousness. It is only when we decide to make these thoughts high and empowering that we can shift the consciousness of the masses to higher levels. I do believe this is happening, with the preponderance of spiritual growth and teachings as of late.

So, my plea to each of you is this: Let us all raise our consciousness of each and every thought, word and deed sent out into this field. Let us together raise it even higher, through faith, knowing without a doubt that the challenges befalling humanity at this time are for the betterment of us all. Only by seeing that our security does not lie in the material world, but rather in the spiritual connections and growth during these times of chaos and change, will we move forward into our new world of peace and prosperity for all.

Our personal and collective duty is to have faith that all is well and in Divine Order. In this process of change, add only the highest words and thoughts to the “Field,” knowing that this is your contribution to the whole. Everything we say, do and think is recorded for eternity in this field we share. So, please, as you add your contribution, make it a high one, filled with love and light.

As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Faith is taking the whole step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” We are collectively rewriting reality, inventing our new world, and at the same time integrating, within and among, the various spiritual and physical dimensions we inhabit. Let’s do it well.

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