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Lately, it seems that all we are talking, reading and hearing about on the news is the economy and, more specifically, when it will “recover.” We are in the midst of amazing times, and the politician and pundits are working on all sorts of plans to “stimulate” the economy for a full recovery.

Well, I am not at all certain the economy will recover. I am actually not that convinced it is even sick. And I am rather certain that no amount of stimulation will change what is happening.

harwig1Words like “recovery” and “stimulus” are tossed around as if they have a real meaning. Recovery, at least in the dictionary, is defined as “a return to a normal state of health, mind or strength.” I don’t know about you, but I really hope what we have had in the past is NOT normal. It is not normal, in my opinion, for 10 percent of the people to control 90 percent of the world’s resources. It isn’t healthy to spend more than we make and use credit cards to cover the difference. It isn’t strong to let people run Ponzi schemes for years and years and then claim no one noticed. And it certainly is not sane to use up the planet’s resources for today and leave nothing for tomorrow. We all know this. We just are not all that crazy about what it takes to change it.

What we are embarking on now is not an economic recovery. It is an economic rebirth. We are on a course for the dawning of a new age. And no amount of stimulus is going to change that.

In the meantime, we are all in for a lot of changes. Yes, some of the things that are happening are not pleasant. I feel very sorry for everyone who is losing jobs and retirement nest eggs (myself included). But, as a person who has followed metaphysical teachings for a very long time, I am also excited and encouraged to see the world changing.

My guides have told me that there are three guideposts that will help us find sanity in these times of change. They are authenticity, simplicity and community.

As we struggle with the decisions that need to be made, they suggest that we use these three things to aid us. It is important, they say, to determine who we are. We need to become our authentic selves. For many years we have let the media and the marketers tell us what we want and need. In this new era, it is up to us to decide for ourselves. Like children, we need to grow and determine our own likes and dislikes and what we really need and what we have merely been told we want. What makes us authentic will be different for each person. 

The simplicity, my guides suggest, is not only to live in a frugal manner, but to live in a simple fashion. Choose the “easy button.” Our lives are amazingly complex. In this new era, there are many ways to simplify our schedules, our obligations and our spending patterns. We will be challenged to find them.

Lastly, we are ushering in a whole new era of community. We may find that our McMansions are better suited for extended than single families. We will be drawn to communities where we can walk to our jobs, or better yet, work from our homes. We will hone in on our inherent desire to be in community with those of like minds.

When the dust clears, (and it will) the new era will be one of peace and a true prosperity that comes from having joy and peace of mind in our investment portfolios. As the Light Collective advises, we will invest in joy.

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  1. Amen to that Kathryn – Despite being included in the loss list, I’m actually very excited to leave behind the ways in which we were living. It’s interesting to note that I’ve wanted to make the change back to simplicity for a long time, but it was always a difficult change to envision when consumerism paints an entirely different picture for you. I say ride with the wave whether it swallows your boat or not. I think we’ll all end up on shore in the end.


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