Positive Feng Shui can support during negative times


featured_small_04093During the years of facilitating Feng Shui appointments, I have witnessed the lives of my clients taking on themes. For a while it seemed most of the people I worked with were buying second homes. Then during another phase many of my clients were being challenged with some serious health issues. Today they’re all concerned about the employment situation. Some have lost their jobs completely; some want to quit but don’t dare, while others have decided to actively look for another position despite the job market.

positive feng shui in negative times

I have put together the following checklist of actions to shift an understandably negative attitude into something more reflective of productivity and creativity. Any or all of these suggestions are recommended if the job market is concerning you:

  • Deal with your clutter. Some people have time on their hands due to a job loss. Here is an opportunity to go through those shelves, file cabinets and drawers in order to make room for new possibilities.
  • Change something in your office. This can mean changing the furniture all around or simply re-arranging the top of your desk. When your space changes, it changes the vibrational pattern, which in turn changes the way you think, opening you up to some new and creative ideas.
  • Use your front door. The front door represents new opportunities coming in. Keep that door moving to maximize the security of your current job or the hopes for a better one.
  • Don’t forget your bedroom. The bedroom impacts your work as much as your office, because it’ the room where you sleep, rest and dream. Remove everything under the bed so that your dreams may not be influenced by what is stored under there but they can clearly provide you the answers you need during this difficult time.
  • Wear red. Red is an active color and, according to the Chinese, a successful one. If you don’t like red or don’t look good wearing red, then wear it underneath, i.e. a red cami or red boxer shorts. The active color will keep your spirits up and your enthusiasm elevated.

The disclaimer with all these suggestions is that they are not a substitute for doing good work at the place where you are already employed or updating your resume and networking to obtain a new position. But they can help you find some ways to be proactive and productive, counter-balancing the negative and stressful times.

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