Reclaiming Jesus from the Christians


“All great truths begin as blasphemy” – George Bernard Shaw

jesusIn 325 AD, a band of power-hungry Christians wrote into law one of the biggest lies in history: that Jesus died for our sins. Twisted into that lie was the “holy order” that all Christians must be absolved from the shame of being responsible for his gruesome and painful crucifixion or perish in the “eternal flames of hell.”

An army of Christian soldiers was dispatched to destroy the sacred teachings of the mystical Jesus, and hundreds of thousands of mystical Christians, who believed in the true teachings of Jesus, were murdered. More people have died in the name of Christianity then any other religion on earth. It is impossible to understand how the “Prince of Peace” can be the reason for so much hatred and death.

More than 1600 years later, the truth has finally surfaced. There is much more to Jesus’ life than what we have been taught. The truth is not contained in the only “official,” recognized, account of his life, the only proclaimed “Word of God.” A new generation of awakened souls is tired of living in the shame of being accused of Jesus’ death. Many have abandoned Christianity completely because the pain of recalling the brutal death of Jesus, in the violent depiction in the “Passion of the Christ” is too much to bear. The bloody image of Jesus hanging on the cross, and years of mental flogging with shame, blame, sin and guilt have backfired. Instead of rounding up a new flock of believers, enlightened souls are breaking the chains of orthodox control and crying out to reclaim the mystical Jesus that will set their souls free.

The majority of young people don’t buy the “myth” that they were born in sin and that anyone who isn’t Christian is going to burn in some fiery hell for eternity when the world ends. Those young people, and some of us who are not so young, stand side by side with our Native American friends, our Buddhist and Jewish friends, our Muslim and Gay and Lesbian friends, and ask the question: “What kind of a God would destroy more than half of its creation because they aren’t Christian?” There is an inner conflict with the belief that Jesus would incite so much death and destruction when his teachings proclaimed love, peace, tolerance and non-judgment.

The movement has begun. The true teachings of the mystical Jesus are surfacing, and the Spirit of “The Christ” is resurrecting in the souls of Christians who remember what he really incarnated to teach us – that “we are made in the image and likeness of God” and that “the kingdom of God is within.”

Easter, to those of us who practice Keyology, (the study of diverse spiritual principals that unlock inner wisdom), believe it is a time to “resurrect” the Christ light within all of us. It is a time to remember the purpose of Jesus’ life, not the myth surrounding his death. It is a time to align with the most powerful energy in this Universe – the consciousness of the man who manifested the power of God in human form, the man who taught us that the Christ light, the light of God, lives within US, whether we are a Christian or not.

The light of the Christ, the consciousness of God, dwells within every human being because we, too, are the Divine creation of God. This consciousness, this Divine light of creation, dwells within you. Jesus the man awakened to his Divine Potential and became the Christ. His legacy was to teach you that you too are Divine. He did not incarnate to die for your sins. He incarnated to liberate you from the bondage of limited human consciousness by showing you how to live the principles of Christ Consciousness, the perfected God consciousness, in man.

There are many teachings, outside of orthodox Christianity, that can guide you to an understanding of the mystical Jesus. However, the most powerful and profound method is to align with the “Third Voice,” the “Voice of the Soul.” It will speak to you of the personal, loving, powerful, master teacher who is waiting, at this very moment, to heal the wounds of past beliefs and awaken you to your true divinity.

Learning to silence the external noise of the world, including the negative controlling beliefs of orthodox Christianity, is the first step in learning to listen to the “Voice of your Soul.” This voice will remind you that you are Divine. Through the loving, parental, interpreter known as your “Third Voice,” you will hear Jesus himself say: “Know ye not that ye are Gods?”

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  1. Beautifully written! I think it opens up the opportunity to people who were never allowed questioning their religion, to ponder these things that always didn’t seem to sound like Jesus. My wish is that this article will validate these questions and allow readers to really look at Jesus’ teachings and why he was REALLY here. Thank you, Lenni!

  2. Lenni’s ability to impart such complicated information in an understandable way is amazing! This concept is exactly what we need in these difficult times and will, hopefully, bring the fallen-away believers back into the Fold. Thank you, Lenni, for helping us break the shackles of negativity that surround Jesus’ true mission! Great article and I look forward to reading many more!

  3. I have been fortunate enough to be attending services at Key to Life for the past 5 years. I have always questioned these traditional teachings but couldn’t find anything that resonated with me. Lenni not only speaks my truth, but also states several resources each service so we can continue to learn the “real” history of these religions.

  4. The real test in our individual lives will be who can provide the healing, teaching, and empowering we need to live fulfilled lives – I come down on the side of Jesus. If we in fact have souls that live for eternity – can we afford not to do a meaningful search into this question?


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