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featured_small_04097Amidst all that is taking place within our economy and surrounding environment, I have been through a series of spiritual awakenings. I refer to them as a series, because it takes the grasping of one concept to be able to move onto the next – for me, at least.

What I have begun to realize is that if our motivations for our actions are pure and we honor every moment as an opportunity to realize our True Selves, then all other ends will follow.

In the past I looked at money as the corruptor. Money was the most evil object that turned sentient beings selfish. What I now realize, after going through different experiences, is that it’s our obsession with this single facet of life and worldly possessions that turns us selfish. We must realize ourselves as three-faceted beings containing not only a body (physical), but a mind (thoughts, feelings) and a soul (consciousness). If we become stuck in just the physical aspect of ourselves, then we begin to seek immediate pleasures brought by money and power. Money is not bad at all. Love money and welcome it, knowing that you can use money to help others.

Once we take more than we need, we are taking from someone else. God has given us all the resources necessary to sustain fulfilling lives. It is people’s need to accumulate wealth that drives nations and people to poverty and starvation. If we live our lives in a Godly manner, all our needs will be fulfilled. We need not concern ourselves with material possessions and worldly objects, because these will not help us realize Our True Selves. This knowing has liberated my spirit and given me peace in knowing that I am here to experience and remember my True Self. Through this spiritual journey I have been able to reconcile the current economic tumult with an ever-fulfilling life.

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David Schroeder lives with his parents in Wolcott, CT. He is 24 and hold a part-time job working at a local ski area. He found The Edge magazine through a Google query: opportunities for souls. When he found this opportunity to submit work, he had to take full advantage. He is always trying to tap into this collective consciousness in hopes that our ideas or energies can become portals that will awaken others to their true purpose. He would like to give much credit for his ideas and inspiration to Neale Donald Walsch for his book series entitled Conversations with God. Contact David at



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