The Best Time to be Rich

featured_small_0409An ancient Chinese blessing suggests, “May you live in interesting times.” We sure do. Actually, all times are interesting, as they offer unique opportunities for awakening and growth.

Our most interesting opportunity at the moment proceeds from the economy. As you well know, lots of people are talking lack. While you may be tempted to go there with them, or judge, resent or resist them, you can make far better use of the moment. The best time to practice wealth is in the face of the appearance of lack. It’s easy to feel prosperous when the outer world appears to prosper. If you can find a sense of wealth in the face of the appearance of lack – ah, that’s the stuff that mastery is made of. Plus, you set yourself up to create wealth and thrive.

Metaphysician Neville (check out for his books) illuminates “The Law of Reversibility.” You know that if you can obtain a certain object or situation, you can get the feeling of having it. Getting a car can make you feel mobile, and finding someone who cares about you can make you feel lovable. What most people don’t realize is: if you can get the feeling you want the thing or situation to bring you, the feeling will attract the thing. So rather than sweating to get the car or lover, cultivate a sense of mobility and lovability, and the object of your quest is likely to follow.

That’s why you have to feel prosperous before you can get rich. When Ted Turner donated a billion dollars to the United Nations, he declared, “The world is awash with money.”

“Easy for him to say,” you might scoff, “he has billions of dollars.”

But does Turner know the world is awash with money because he has billions of dollars, or does he have billions because he knows the world is awash with money? The latter is the case.

If you would like to contribute to getting the economy rolling, beginning with your own, here are some tips:

  • Recognize and celebrate wealth. Money is just one slice of a far larger pie called prosperity. We have been conditioned to believe that if you have money you are wealthy and if you don’t, you are poor. Nothing could be further from the truth. Right now you are wealthy in many, many ways independent of money. Make a list of the riches you now own: Friends, family; people who love you; health; the beauty of nature; your spiritual path; tasty, nourishing food; cuddly pets; stimulating hobbies; a career or a vision of a career that empowers you; expansive ideas; and on and on and on. You are richly blessed in a thousand ways. If money isn’t showing up in a big way at the moment, why distract yourself from your true riches because of one small slice of the pie? There are plenty of other pieces to enjoy. When you get into a prosperity consciousness, regardless of what your checking account says, the Law of Attraction and the Law of Reversibility will kick in and send more money your way. So don’t wait for the money to feel prosperous. Cultivate your inner wealth, and the outer will follow.
  • Activate a Personal Economy. You have the power to generate an economy independent of the one most people are living in. There are always people who thrive during lean times, as well as people who flounder in prosperous times. Just because other people are worrying about money and not feeling prosperous, does not mean you have to go there. The two greatest architectural achievements of the 20th century, the Empire State Building and The Golden Gate Bridge, were funded and erected at the height of the Great Depression. While other people were afraid and protective, visionary people were acting on their impulses and creating expansive ventures with large sums of money. You need not feel guilty about prospering while others aren’t. The more money you spend, the more you will prosper others and provide them with money to spend.
  • Refuse to participate in thoughts and conversations of lack. It’s easy to get caught up in ideas of scarcity when so many people are indulging in them. You can hardly turn on a newscast without hearing “experts” spouting bad news. The only reason the newscasts indulge woeful news is for the drama, shock, and sales value. The news thrives on bad news, but you cannot. So switch off the TV and read an uplifting book or take a walk under the stars. Look up and you will see where your real riches live. If others get into discussions of scarcity, change the subject or walk out. Protect your precious mind from fear and replace thoughts of lack with affirmations of abundance. Then you will be a force for prosperity that will lift others.

Challenging times offer the greatest opportunity to build spiritual muscles. A Course in Miracles tells us that the word “challenge” is a misnomer for a spiritual being, because challenge implies doubt about how things may turn out. When you know who you are, what your source is, and how rich you are, there is no doubt about the outcome.



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