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As a visitor at the Tel Aviv art festival, I was standing in one of the pavilions among dozens of people, staring with wonder at their responses to the exhibit. Their integration with the marvelous paintings was almost instantaneous – something positive had flown forth from the artwork and improved their feelings. An atmosphere of joy, revival and encouragement was clearly visible in the audience which had already absorbed a lot that evening. It was obvious that these paintings of Orna Ben-Shoshan could not be ignored, and their impact on the viewers was powerful, even magical.

  • Can artwork influence its viewers so powerfully?
  • Can it have invigorating or weakening attributes?
  • And how can the act of viewing certain images initiate a healing process?

"Musical Chairs" © Orna Ben-Shoshan

The wings of imagination
To create, the artist uses his/her imagination to capture ideas. Most creative artists refer to the term “inspiration” to describe the way their imagination is activated. In fact, most artists receive the contents of their artwork through channeling, and imagination is the medium that connects between their consciousness and the information it conceives. The technical mastery serves the artist’s process: the more he/she masters their style, the better their ability to convey visual messages.

Let’s compare the creative artist’s mind to a radio or TV receptor, which is able to absorb different channels. Many frequencies are transmitted through the air at all times, between powerful transmitters and receptors, some of them are located in outer space (satellites). When tuning into a certain channel, it is possible to receive the broadcast from that station. As long as your receptor is tuned into channel 1, you will not be able to see what’s on channel 2. Does that mean that broadcasts from channel 2 do not exist at the very same time? No matter what channel we are tuned into at a given moment, there is much more going on around us simultaneously; immense amounts of information are sizzling constantly everywhere.

Some information can be absorbed by us consciously, through our five senses. However, the majority of it flows in different channels, which are not accessible by most people, and cannot be experienced outright. Certain people, including channelers, are able to absorb messages which are latent to most of us, and translate them into images, sound, movement or words.

All this abundant information is enclosed in the large pool of immeasurable collective wisdom, which includes everything, and this has always existed and will always exist in the universe around us. This immense knowledge exists in different dimensions, where life takes place on endless energetic levels and frequencies. We can demonstrate some of these frequencies the same way that we describe different attributes: creativity, construction, destruction, activity, passivity, militancy, chaos, order or healing. Other high frequencies are beyond our conception as humans, and we cannot access them under the limitations of our consciousness.

When an artist expresses visual information which originates in a certain dimension, whatever passes through to the viewer is not only a picture, but its energetic essence, its energetic frequency.

We can compare the process to the mind-work of a person who practices visualization for the purpose of curing disease. Thoughts are energy frequencies on different wavelengths. A person focuses their thoughts and creates images in their mind to help themselves recover. It does not matter at all if the picture they draw in their mind is real or imagined . The fact of “seeing” the malignant tumor shrink and disappear, or pain vanishing, is assimilated in that person’s individual experience – at first as a vivid vision, and finally as a crystallization of thought into matter, from its spiritual frequency to a physical frequency, which promotes the healing process.

In the same way, the energetic essence of a visual message in a painting assimilates in the viewer’s mind: starting with the phase of absorption in the mind, all the way to the assimilation in their personal experience. The essence of the artwork crystallizes into a slower, condensed form that influences the material level. (All this is true if the viewer does not resist the information that flows towards them).

Artist Orna Ben-Shoshan absorbs the images she paints through channeling. Her paintings reflect optimism, joy and humor, and presents occurrences unfamiliar to us in our mundane world. Many people guess that the origin of these images comes from her dreams, but this is far from the truth. Her dreams are like anybody else’s dreams, sometimes interesting, usually just boring, and she does not remember most of them at all.

"Sound to Light" © Orna Ben-Shoshan

The fantastic images she sees are explained by her typical humor as “hallucinations.” As Orna states, these images appear to her from an alternate reality, where a “utopian” (ideal) form of life exists. The figures that play different roles in her depicted scenes symbolize mysterious entities that are forever occupied with healing rituals, purification, rejuvenation and transformation. Even though she does not always understand the contents of the messages, Orna can feel the positive energies flowing through her during the process of painting. She sees herself as an open channel that transfers information. Her mastered technical proficiency is the medium that enables her to translate it into shapes and forms familiar to the people in our physical realm.

Healing and Rejuvenation
Orna Ben-Shoshan has fulfilled many years of work with the surreal, colorful and detailed style which she has taught herself, and the unique contents she chooses to convey. After some odd phenomena which occurred to viewers in her exhibitions, my definite conclusion is that the source of her images is in a realm of healing and rejuvenation.

One weekend, I took my friend for a visit to Orna’s studio. At that time, my friend had suffered severe migraines that attacked her weekly and lasted for days at a time. When we arrived at the studio, she still felt some residual pain, and was quite exhausted. When leaving the studio and strolling toward the car, as she held two new prints she had just bought. She suddenly stopped, turned to me with astonishment and said, “You won’t believe it, Miriam, but my migraine has completely disappeared and I feel tons of energy!”

I knew that being around Orna’s artwork was the cause for her relief. A month later, my friend reported that she does not understand how it happened, but her migraine attacks are weakening and do not paralyze her any more. Orna’s new paintings are still hanging in her living room and bedroom.

When I peeked into the guestbook at one of Orna’s exhibitions, I was amazed to read the visitors’ comments. People expressed their deep gratitude for the wonderful feelings they experienced when viewing the exhibition, and even hours later. People who have Orna’s artwork on their walls report that since they have brought the paintings home, the whole atmosphere has changed and become more harmonious and peaceful. One man wrote that when suffering severe back pain, he laid down to rest on the sofa, above which a painting of Orna’s hung. After lying down and gazing at the painting for about twenty minutes, he got up, and his back felt almost pain free.

Stories like this can also be heard from visitors who spend time at Orna’s website. The viewers connect to the images through their subconscious minds. In many cases they don’t exactly understand the contents, but it’s simple for them to describe how they feel.

"The How To Teller" © Orna Ben-Shoshan

Visionary art
The painting genre known as “Visionary Art” is familiar in the visual art circles. This genre is a sub-category of the surrealistic style. Most artists who create visionary art are self-taught, and they develop their unique style through practice and experimentation. Most visionary artists are not influenced by conventional art schools and genres, because they have never acquired any formal art education.

Visionary art has several interesting attributes due to its intuitiveness and its ability to create mental or physical shifts in the viewer (from stress reduction to elevated energy levels). Orna Ben-Shoshan belongs to this special artistic category. It makes no difference whether her art is created as oil on canvas, or as computer-generated digital images, their energetic essence is always reflected onto the viewer. Her paintings are radiant with harmony, purified energies and rejuvenation, and induce a peaceful atmosphere in the area they are displayed.

Remember: the unique frequency conveyed through each creation of art is its true inner essence. The essence of Orna B’s artwork is in the manifestation of messages from alternate dimensions that pass through her to spread love and healing.

Resources: Orna Ben-Shoshan website: Her artwork became the theme of a new set of reading cards: “King Solomon Cards,” a new and innovative divination tool which combines her metaphysical art with ancient Kabalistic symbols. Visit here.

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Miriam Zigelman, a senior art teacher, Reiki practitioner and channeler, investigates the cutting edge between art and metaphysics. Miriam lived in France most of her life, working as an art educator and curator of modern art. Her essays as an exhibition critic appeared in Parisian art publications in the 1970s. Today Miriam interlaces the knowledge that she acquired in the occult with her vast experience as an art critic. Her popular essays raise new insights regarding the influences of New Age philosophies on contemporary art.


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