Wind Turbines: Bad for the Environment?

sennerPresident Obama has made it clear that he is committed to expanding the nation’s alternative energy capability. In his recent speech to Congress, the New York Times noted that the president spent “a large chunk of time to expanding investment in alternative energy,” calling it the “foundation of lasting prosperity.”

President Obama chose Denver as the site where he signed the $787 billion stimulus bill, in part because Colorado is a leader in renewable energy research and manufacturing. The Denver Post estimated that $80 billion of the stimulus spending is targeted for renewable energy and is expected to create up to 1.7 million jobs.

I was very enthusiastic about the prospects of wind turbines and other forms of alternative energy to save the environment, until I wasn’t. This was my experience, as I write in a recent report, “Wind Turbines Disrupt the Flow of Prana”:

“…One weekend in October 2008, I stopped my car in upstate New York, about 40 miles north of Syracuse in the Tug hill area, to take a photograph of some windmills. The second I stepped out of my car, I got a severe headache that felt as if my head was being squeezed in a vise. I took out my dowsing rods to determine what was creating the severe pain in my head. Within a few minutes I realized that the flow of prana was being disrupted by the large blades of the many wind turbines around me.”

I visited several wind farms to determine the effect upon the environment. I found that wind turbines disrupt the flow of the life force, what acupuncturists and feng shui practitioners call chi, or qi, and what Hindu Vedanta calls prana.

“…Earth prana is released from ducts on the surface of the earth and is drawn to an earth chakra a few hundred meters away. Like a human chakra the vortex of the earth chakra draws the prana in and recycles it through the earth before it is sent back into the air. Prana moves in a fairly straight line in the ether around us. Material objects and other factors can alter or even disrupt its flow.”

There may be severe consequences of the disruption, blockage and stagnation of the flow of earth prana, such as depriving the Earth’s subtle body and plant kingdom of nourishment and reducing the Earth’s ability to maintain the environment.

I conclude in my report: “The rush to increase the use of wind turbines by the Obama administration and environmentalist around the world needs to come to a halt. We are rushing into something without understanding the implications of what we are doing. We must not let ourselves be pressured by scientific research that points to a coming tipping point when we cannot stop the assault; some say we have already passed that point and the melting of the polar ice caps, much higher temperatures and other disturbance are inevitable.

“The bigger risk is that by rushing into alternative forms of energy we may be further damaging Mother Earth’s subtle body. It is damage that may accelerate global warming by further compromising Mother Earth’s subtle body to properly function. We may also be doing irrevocable damage to her, or damage that will take a long time to heal.”

Read “Wind Turbines Disrupt the Flow of Prana” |  Watch the YouTube Video


  1. I read the article on wind turbines. The author does not offer a better alternative to wind energy. Does he favor solar energy or something else? What about the energy involved with air pollution associated with air pollution from fossil fuels? I am environmentally sensitive and only know all too personally the health effects of fossil fuels. The author should do a follow-up article which addresses these concerns.

  2. I agree on what Kathie wrote. The whole point of wind turbines is to stop the usage of coal and gasoline and highly wasteful nuclear power plants for energy, which have been the main cause of polar ice cap melting, global warming, etc.

    As your article suggest then wouldn’t also cities and tall buildings also disrupt prana? Then perhaps it isn’t just pollution but that the entire planet is disrupting prana flow from the building and growth of cities, large and small.

    I think that even if wind turbines end up being the less favorable method of producing and storing massive amounts of energy to be used by the public, it is a VERY good thing that we’re at least trying other methods, starting with wind turbines. I personally think solar power is the way to go, but they still haven’t found adequate ways of storing and utelizing the immense amount of energy that they pick up each day, rain or shine, and also solar panels are quite expensive. Wind turbines on the other hand, you need to have MANY of them to get real useage out of them.

    Could it possibly be that instead of disrupting the prana from the earth, they are actually just pouring out immense amount of energy and perhaps that is what you are picking up? I know that I get headaches if I am near a petroleum plant or a nuclear power plant – I think it’s jsut the energy coming from the place itself is so dense that it overwhelmes your senses.

    At any rate, even if the ultimate safest way to produce and store energy is NOT wind turbines, we’re trying to find other and better ways and trying is better than settling on what we’ve always done in the past don’t you think? Just like when you first start to learn how to cook for yourself. You don’t always get it right the first time around but the more you try new things the better you get at it and the healthier your meals get. There is a biiig big picture we’re looking at here, and I think this is actually a good step that we’re taking. Human kind is TRYING to be more sensitive to the earth and is trying new things, eventually we’ll get it! Have some faith! Don’t be protesting the learning, evolving process here please~

  3. I agree with both Jessica and Kathie. I really don’t think Mother Earth would object to having some assistance in alleviating all the other pressures on her by sacrificing a powerful resource such as wind. It is unsettling to think that the use of wind would affect the Earth’s chi, however it is something that is already in existence that harnesses massive amounts of energy. I agree, we have to start somewhere. There is a give and take process to the healing of the planet. I also agree that some additional suggestions would be of the utmost help for those of us left a little empty by this article.

  4. This article does not include the full text of the author’s report. Perhaps suggestions are included in the full report. Don’t forget to visit the video on Youtube also. See the links at the end of the article.

    Now we can’t build wind turbines because of imaginary damage to imaginary things? We are so doomed.

  6. I’ve visited more than enough wind turbines and not felt any physical discomfort. I agree with everyone. It sounds to me if you were a true believer of spiritual affects that you’d need a cat scan and it would tell you that you’re getting a headache from other scientific reasons.

  7. I believe in Prana as much as the next writer, but-
    Stopping an energy-saving world-changing involvement because of a small energy mishap? I’m not doubting you, but if your statement is true, I’m a disturbance in the Prana flow. As so is you, Obama, and the rest of the goddamn world.

    There’s not much we can really do about that now. Cities, buildings, houses, and even the computer you’re typed this on. If you want to say that Prana disturbs energy flow, do it on a city that pollutes. Or a large factory that does nothing to improve our environment. Not the wind turbines that help us create cleaner and better energy for the world.


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