Letters to the Editor


I liked the article you wrote on the Jim Self program. I was at the same program you wrote it about. I went again last night. I love the huge potential, excitement and mystery of the time we are living in.

Also, thank you and everyone else involved for continuing this magazine. It is a major lifeline for the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area, and for me too. Till you go other places in the country, sometimes you don’t realize what a huge metaphysical, organic, spiritual market we have access to here. This magazine is a great connector to the light! Thank you! – Eva Knudson, Woodbury, MN

For having just taken over the Edge, I’m stunned at how right you are in all your upgrades. From the awesome website, the new design/layout of the magazine, great content…you haven’t missed a beat. If you can do this much this quick, I’ll be thrilled to see what you come up with next. Nice going and thank you for saving the Edge! – AW, Littleton, CO

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